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Zell Miller Dies at 86 and his death could probably have been prevented by taking the 90 Essential Nutrient. Trump said that he was going to come out with more cures which is probably forcing the FDA to do it or by removing parts of or all of the FDA. What many people don’t realize is that the FDA and most hospitals will only use treatments that can barely help or will make things worse over long periods on time. Side effects from drugs are impossible to know completely and the few they list are usually pretty dangerous. If you ask most doctors for a cure they are going to turn you down as they haven’t been taught any at places like Harvard or Yale. This is because they make more money hiding cures and using man made particle that can be copyrighted as you can’t do that for an orange.

Many people don’t realize that their are tons of cures available for all kinds of things that can range from eating certain foods to taking nutritional supplements. The best thing to to though is to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. There have been huge finding in the longevity of humans and animals. Humans taking the 90 Essential Nutrients and eating a healthy diet with eggs can live over 200 years old. This is much longer than the average death rate today because main stream health info is focusing on useless satanic treatments that steal money from people who are looking for cures.

For Zell Miller his death would have been most likely extended if he was taking at least the 90. A big red flag is gray hair which is a copper deficiency. Copper also determines the strength of veins and arteries and will help fight ruptured arteries. Not having enough copper is also the reason you get varicose veins and spider veins. If you go talk to Millers doctor he probably has no idea how to prevent the thing he died from or how to cure it once it was identified. It should definitely be illegal for treatments to be given instead of cures and make most of the colleges look like serial killer trainers.

Check out the video below with a really doctor that can help heal the people around you and live longer.

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