Mar 262018

Zeke Upshaw’s death is something that happens a lot in the sports area and other places that have lots of exercise. For some reason which seems to be population control or satan worshiping the colleges don’t teach how to heal the body easy with nutrition. The FDA and many others are hiding many cures and insist on using treatment that cause all kind of problems. Check the video below for a ton of health information including lots of cures and prevention.

It seems that sports is being used for population control as they ignore nutrition for prevention and instead hope that something happens so the medical industry can make money and probably to keep live expectancy down. Gatorade apparently only has 2 nutrients when the body require over 100 to keep the body running optimal. It seem they are intentionally feeding athletes miss information about nutrition to hurt them. Are hospital around here called Sanford has spent lots of money investing in sports domes and getting involved in sports for all ages. This shows that they are aware of how nutrition works and are taking advantage of people using sports propaganda.

The best thing you can drink for an athlete right now is suppose to be Rebound which has over 100 vitamins and minerals that will prevent all kinds of health issues that come from sports and over exertion. One of the things that they refuse to teach people is that when you sweat all kinds of nutrition is leaving your body through the sweat. Drinking things like all water, Gatorade or Powerade will result in you suffering from health issues sooner in life from depleting your body of nutrition.

Right now in America there is a huge kill net going on that is taking the lives of many innocent people all in the name of population control and probably satan worshipers. No parts of the government are trying to get of the health information people need to be healthy. The FDA hurts, kills or murders 15 million people a year and that’s not counting the ripple effects from a broken home. This is worse than Hitler and it’s going on right under peoples noses. Many doctors could easily go to jail for life sentences for insurace fraud but nothing happens. They use drugs that cause horrific side effects for more profits as cures which are well know are not allowed to be used. FDA=Hitler+.

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