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In the video below you will see a NFL player named Zay Jones (Isaiah Avery Jones) who plays for the Buffalo Bills float to his feet and seem to defy gravity. For me there are about three explanations. The first is that he’s an aliens which is really all I have for that one. The second one would be that he is using some kind of tech that would allow him to defy gravity, but why would he have it during a football game. If it is tech then it is most certainly owned by the government and is being tested so how during football games or might have been some kind of public awareness testing.

The third possibility and the most believable in my mind is that Zay Jones is not a human, but a robot. Some kind of government testing being done maybe to work out the kinks. It looks like the robot had a freudian slip and it’s processing failed to stand the player up like a normal person and went for a faster processing move and quicker way to get up. Zay could have been a real person that was killed and replaced by the government or he was never real at all with his younger life being a complete fabrication. If you look of picture of Zay online he almost looks like a robot plus he pretty young to be in the NFL at the age of 22. I think they at least need to place the guy under arrest so he can go in for a body scan because what he did is not physically possible with a human body.

You may think that robots of this caliber might be impossible, but I think you would be surprised how advanced the tech is that the government is hiding probably to prevent enemies from taking it or so they can use it as a hidden weapon before the knowledge is released to the public. During the Jade Helm 15 training they US military said they had robots that looked and acted just like humans that would be introduced into society as spy’s and work drones.

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