Mar 142018

In South Carolina a Woman High On Drugs has Removed her own eyes. Deputies found her outside a church and had a little trouble restri9ning her so they could call for help. I suppose this has something to due with Jesus parable about poking out your own eyes and cutting of your own hand if they are they source of doing bad things. I would have to say that these kind of statements in the bible show that Jesus had a lot to learn as seem to be a little on the young side.

A better options would to probably handle your problems in a different way. If you believe in Jesus than your probably going to have to believe in the devil. If you kill people without giving them time to repent they they supposedly go to hell. Instead of putting rick shoes on people and drowning them you would be better of to put them in some kind of repent prison that would be able to help them out and divert them from going to hell. If you have ever seen a good testimony of heaven and hell you’ll probably be a strong believer in repenting before you get sent to the bad place when you die.

Since this female was high on meth they probably had some crazy idea related to the bible and took things to far. Apparently the US government is responsible for shipping in the meth and this is just another unfortunate victims in the farce war on drugs that’s seems to be there to destroy a planet for control or sick satan worshiping behavior.

I think out of all the things Jesus said the whole remove parts things is something that he regrets saying now or that someone added to the bible to make Jesus look like a satan worshiper.

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