Mar 192018

For those of you who already know Vinod Bhatara your probably already aware that this person has something very wrong with him. As a doctor his quality is some of the lowest out there. This person should be thrown in jail and pay the victims back for his malpractice and cruelty towards others.

Vinod Bhatara may seem like his in the business of helping people, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vinod has a real bad habit of putting people on meds for things there are cures for and then when they have problems from the meds he will put them on even more meds. He should be held accountable for all the side effects that those drugs cause which include things like death. The facility he works at called South East Behavioral has a horrible reputation for not helping anyone and loading people up with unneeded medications. The doctors in this facility should be thrown in jail and stripped of any ability to practice murder medicine.

It looks like this might be some kind of terrorism because I don’t know who would hire someone like this along with the rest of them when they are constantly breaking the law and violating and education that might have set them on the right track. The people who hired these doctors should be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives for the involvement of such horrific crimes.

Vinod Bhatara is an extreme danger to society and should be stopped as soon as possible. Any children that come across his path are going to be put on meds regardless of what you think. This person has no understanding of where someone comes from and will without knowing anything subscribe murder medication in large amount to make money as it seems that’s this is what this person was told to do by superiors.

Thankfully there is a class action lawsuit against Vinod Bhatara in progress that will most likely land him in jail and destroy his reputation and it should be. Another quack doctor that has no idea what he’s doing and is harming everyone he comes in contact with. Watch the video belwo for a bunch of natural cures and a better understanding of how the FDA refused to use cures and focuses on treatments only to maximize money and destabilize America like terrorism that has never existed before.

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