Apr 082018

It sounds like Trump is trying to pull troops out of Syria for whatever reason, but the mega high treason anti-Christ suicidal Pentagon seems to have other plans for Syria. I heard Rob Dew for InfoWars talking about how the US uses Syria as a way to move troops around Europe without too much trouble, but this is more than likely a lie since the US gov only tells lies and official lie stories. It probably has more to do with world domination and they need to destabilize as many countries as possible before they can stage an alien attack or have a world war to enslave the globe.

Can you believe the US is intentionally creating chaos all over the world. I guess these guys haven’t seen a good testimony of heaven and hell and they are most certainly going to hell when they die. They seem to have fake attacks to justify being there as Trump is trying to pull troops out. In this case it’s missiles on an airport and gas attacks.

Lots of people already know that ISIS is run by the CIA and US Military. I guess they just expect us normal people to just sit here and watch the horror without doing anything. I think they should get a bunch of good police together and start arresting the oldest government employees, the highest payed and they ones who are obviously out of their mind like the CIA. Right now the whole gov seems to have been told they can do ANYTHING to achieve their goals which includes mass murder and planetary destruction. So we have a gov that is breaking every law which is meant to get the earth moving towards Heaven on Earth.

This is another false flag the the gov does so well. How would the Pentagon like if we caused massive havoc on their lives with a constant stream of false flags. The Pentagon along with other corrupt gov like FBI and CIA have pretty much given up there human rights with all their satan worshiping behavior and normal people like me have the right to search and destroy them in the name of God and everything holy. Nature is programed to defend against murders, but it seems like greed and title blindness have let things get out of control in the US. Dear US government, YOUR FIRED!!! Plus your getting murderer by assassin doctors which is your reward for duty from your satanic cult leaders LOL.

The Next 1776 is Heaven on Earth

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