Feb 022018

Below are tips and tricks for The Quest along with some cheats and walkthrough information. The Quest can be a very difficult game if you build you character wrongs. And then if you plan on playing the next installments with the same character it can get even harder.

Changing Drops – Stronger enemies will drop better lot and they can have all kinds of items. The best thing to do is to save before you land the final blow so that you can check out the different items they drop and hopefully get a good one. One you do get something good you can save on a new slots and try again for something possible better.

Poison – Skills and item that poison can take down the biggest enemies in the game. When an enemy is poison they will stay so until their live is totally drained waiting for you to land the last blow. You have to run around in circles or in straight line which can be less hassling.

Skills – The absolute best thing you can do to increase stats is get them up tp level 40 by only using trainers, then you can spend your points on them from leveling up. This will allow you to get higher stats for skills then if you put points into them right away. Your going to want to use books as well as they will cut down on the cost of skill trainers and save level up points.

Skills Without Trainers – The Light Weapons skill along with Attack Magic do not have any trainers in the world. So the only way to level up these skills is by using points from leveling and books. You might want to take these as a main skill so they are cheaper to upgrade.

Wands – These are your best friend and you should hold on to most of them that you find. Once you get a wand that refills other wands you’ll want to use a magic skill like magic drain to have unlimited magic. Magic Drain can be found in a wand as well and will let you have unlimited magic if you use it right. All classes can benefit from wands and they make magic casting much easier and cheaper. If you stuck in the game because of a strong enemy wands are they way to go.

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