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Below is a short The Quest Survival Guide & Strategy For Staying Alive that can help out a lot during gameplay. Things can get really difficult if you have a bad build or you venture into areas when your under leveled.

Chck back in the near future for updated and new content and feel free to leave any helpful info in the comments.

The Quest Survival Guide

Magic Casters – The weakness for most magic users is to get up close to them so they use melee attacks instead of magic. This should cut down a lot of damage making them easier to deal with. The strongest magic defense are potions that can be made early in your Alchemy career and will most likely raise magic defense to it’s max of 80%.

Mark and Recall – These are spells that are use together for teleporting to your choice of destinations. First you’ll have to cast Mark to anchor a teleport spot, the cast Recall when you want to go back to your mark.

Poison – Poison can be great for taking down big enemies early in the game. After poisoning them you’ll want to run around until there life reaches it’s lowest point, then deliver the finishing blow. You can save before killing them to try for different loot. Poison can be inflicted with 3 or more different spells along with arrows and some weapons.

Wands – These are you best friend and will let you can lots of magic with having the mana or actual spell. When you have the spell Recharge Wand it can help out lots by filling wands back up that would cost lots to do it at an enchanter. The Recharge Wand wand seems to be held back as it can only be charged back up by the spell once, then you’ll need to pay for it’s recharge. If you can find a Mana Drain wand then you can get free mana from enemies for recharging and other purposes.

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