Dec 102017

The Alchemist Code Wiki with Tips, Guides, Walkthroughs and more. The Alchemist Code is a Role Playing game developed by Gumi Inc. and is available free for download on Android and iOS.

Visit this wiki in the near future for added info and new content. Feel free to use the comments to add anything that could help someone out.

The Alchemist Code Wiki


Best Units Characters Jobs Healer

Fast Leveling – How To Level Up Fast


How to change Jobs – In this game the only way to change jobs is to change the character your using. There doesn’t seem to be a way of changing a units job, each person seems to be hard wired for one job only.

How to use Skip Tickets – If you want to use your skip tickets than you just have to choose a stage that has already been completed, they wont work on new stages. These can be great for finding certain job materials and can help out loads when it comes to getting shards.

Shards – Shards are use to increase the maximum level of units. One of the best places to find shards is by playing stages on hard difficulty. Not all units can be found on hard mode, but the ones who can are great choices when it comes to upgrades.


When starting the game for the first time you’ll have the option to go through a short tutorial on how to use some of the basic game features.



There have been no cheats listed yet. Cheats can be hard to come by when your using a app that requires an internet connection. One of the reasons they do that is to confirm that you have not been cheating. I suppose you could call the Auto feature a slight cheat as it’s unlimited to use and can make the game go much faster. An option like that costs real money in a lot of apps.

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