Dec 092017

Here are some ways for The Alchemist Code Fast Leveling. If you want to know how to level up fast than there are a few things you can do without having to spend real money. It will take some time though to get to the higher rankings with what they give you

Fast Leveling – How To Level Up Fast


Apples are the fastest way for a unit to level up though the max is your player level. You can use apples by tapping the Enhance Unit button while in their stats menu. Be sure to know you max so you don’t use an apple that give way more experience than you’ll be able to use as this will waste it.

Auto Battle

When your in battle you can turn your parties actions into auto move where you don’t have to push any buttons. Your party will move forward as best they can and hopefully win. If not than your gonna have to play the stage manually until you have a stronger build. This can be a useful way of playing fast when your out of skip tickets. It can be turned off again by tapping the Auto button again.

You can change the setting to this option just before going into battle. You can turn on getting chest as a priority and block the use of skills to save resources.

Best Units

The best units that you can use are the boosted mercenaries for hire that you get before a mission. They can turn a difficult run into a piece of cake with their mega high stats.

Daily and Milestones

These missions can give the most experience towards your player level. When your level 15 you can participate in the Arne for even more exp. For the most part these are pretty easy to get at first and then demand more work as you get further in the game. Dailies will probably offer the most consistent amount since the Milestones will run out and get harder after awhile.

Max Level

You can only take a characters level as far as the main accounts levels. Once you hit the max your level number will turn red and you’ll only be able to earn 1 exp away from your next level. This should be taken into account when trying to upgrade players with apples so you don’t waste experience.

Skip Tickets

Skip Tickets are the fastest way to level up though you’ll need a lot of them after awhile to move forward. These should be saved for the highest completed stage so you can get the most experience per ticket. You might even want to save them for materials so you can increase your job level.

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