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The Alchemist Code Best Units, Characters, Jobs, Healer information along with other stuff. Finding someone good to use in this game can be a daunting task considering how many players can be used in battle. Fortunately, the developers left in some extras to help out when things get hard like hiring a mercenary. Since there are so many options using what you can get your hands on might be more progressive than trying to get a particulate character.

Best Units and Characters

When trying to figure out who is the best unit the answer to that is both good and bad. This app has 66 different characters to choose from that can be used in battle and getting the exact ones that you want can be a difficult task. Once you do have something in your sights checking the store can help when it comes to finding shards though it can get expensive fast. Many players may find themselves stuck using what they can ge their hands on which might not be the best. If your trying to find a certain unit you may be able to find clues listed when tapping the shard pictures which usually say you can find them in quests.

Before you start a mission you have the option to hire a mercenary to come along with you. They can have a very high level for a cheap cost or even free. These characters can have some of the biggest benefit in battle especially early on.

Best Jobs

There are 44 jobs in the alchemist code and each of them has it’s own set of main and basic abilities. Some are much more useful than others because they might have a fourth main ability that can be the strongest in the game.

Priest – Having a healer can be very important in some battles as they can be long and have lots of damage. Having someone to heal the damage can be a big help, especially since you can have far less players than the enemy side. You should start with this job at 3 stars and they can suffice until you find somehting that can be upgraded easier trhgouh being able to find shards better.

Best Healer

The best healer is gonna be the strongest person that you can hire as a mercenary which can be kind of random when it comes to choosing one. They will have a level potentially much higher than your and will often become the number one party member when they join temporally for one fight.

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