Jan 302018

Below are Ten Million RPG Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Walkthrough info and Guidance. Ten Million can be a tricky RPG to play if you get lost in the story line or can’t defeat some of the stronger enemies.

Ten Million RPG Tips, Tricks and Cheats

End Boss – After defeating the end boss more game content will open up that will allow you to play longer completing a few more tasks and finding more enemies to fight along with lots of new gear. In the forgotten Village stairs will appear that let you travel into the under world where you can fight new enemies and get gear along with more Dragon Pearls. The Arena will also open up where you will want to fight your way all the way up to S class so your can fight the extra boss in the Forgotten Village underground in the Dark Dungeon at the very bottom, you have to walk through the wall in the blind path area.

Getting Gold Fast – On the very northwest part of the world map there is land next to mountains with a library that has chest behind a locked door. If you fight the enemies out side you will eventually come across the Rare Metal enemy that can attack in groups of 5 worth 500G each. This is a great way to earn gold fast for purchase of better gear at places like the Arena Town. You can also stock up on items like phoenix downs along with others. It only takes a short time before you have enough to purchasing anything you want. If you have your agility at 25 or more you will attack first before they have a chance to flee.

Getting Stuck – If your having problems find what to do then the best thing would be to talk to all the NPC’s that have an important role and the ones that you haven’t talk to yet. Making sure you talk to everyone will hell you from getting stuck in find you more playable characters.

No Ads – The only ads  that are in the game pop up when your saving and when you die there is a chance to revive the party after viewing one. If you want to turn the ads off all you have to do is turn the data off on your device. This can speed up the saving process, though you’ll have to turn it back on when you need reviving in case you get your party ko’ed.

Refilling MP – Besides using items to restore your MP when your on the road you can also use spells that transfer MP from one player to another. You can even use the Raises MP from players who are not in the top 5 playable classes. This can be a good way to refill MP on the go with having to stop at inns less or survive better in longer dungeons.

Stronger Gear – You will find the best gear in dungeons once you get closer to the end of the game and the content that opens up after beating the end boss. Up until then you’ll want to purchase the equipment they have for sale in Arena Town.

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