Nov 242017

Wild West: New Frontier Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Wild West: New Frontier is a Simulation game developed by Social Quantum Ltd and is available free for download on Android and iOS.

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Wild West: New Frontier Wiki


Granary – Bracket Rough Plank Tile Increase Storage


Experience – The best way to get exp is to go through the ropes of placing all the buildings. This will allow for the consistent flow of exp to occur while earning gold along with other resources. Corn is the best for speed when it comes to leveling up with crops, but your gonna need to use it for things to keep the granary from filling up. When not playing app for awhile it’s best to plant crops that both take awhile to grow and will produce more resources.

Placing Orders in the end will next you the most experience for your goods and is probably the best way to level up fast, though your gonna need all the buildings available and be making the goods from them to full fill orders. When placing order you can tap the garbage can to refresh the spot, but it gonna take 15 minutes for the new order to show up. If things look like they have to many items you don’t have or have items you want to save then it’s a good idea to use the garbage can to refresh the list.

Mail Box – By tapping on the mail box you can buy certain supplies for upgrading buildings on the farm. Swipe your finger left and right to thumb through the ads in the paper.

Newspaper – The newspaper is a great place to find supplies for upgrading the Barn and Granary. The building materials can also be found by completing tasks that correspond with that building. If you shop often you can find great deals. These items are great for fulfilling orders as you can buy what you don’t have on hand.

Orders – These are one of the best ways to earn experience and coins in the game. If you dont have the items to complete an order you can buy some in the newspaper or you can cancel the order which has a 15 minutes cool down time until a new order arrives.

Roadside Market – This is one of the best ways to keep the barn and granary from filling up so you can earn fast exp from planting crops.

Visitors – When your full on supplies or getting close to it people will visit your farm and hang out around the center of it looking to buy goods. Be sure to keep an eye out for them as they are great for freeing up some space. If you don’t have the required goods you can select “Sorry, but I cant help” and they will go away. Tjis is good for getting visitors that want to buy something different.

Westbucks – The only way to earn free Westbucks is to gain them as a gift when leveling up and from achievements besides the small amount they give you in the beginning. The only other way to get Westbucks is to purchase them using real money.


In the beginning there will be a short tutorial that will guide you through the basics of the game. After a short period your on your own to develop a farm. To move forward your gonna have to earn experience and level up. Your level will directly relate to the unlocking of new buildings and game features.

The best thing to do is make sure you have built all of the building you can for your current level. This will maximize the amount of exp and goods earned over time. Eventually, your barn and granary are going to fill up not allowing you to produce anything else until you sell something. Make sure to be using the Order board and Roadside Market to sell things and the same pace as your producing it to keep a steady stream of exp coming in.