Jan 292018

Below are Tap Dungeon RPG Tips and Tricks along with hints, cheats, walkthrough information and more. Tap Dungeon RPG is one of the few games for mobile that can actually be beaten in a reasonable amount of time and doesn’t require you to spend more for any of the features.

If you have anything to add feel free to do so in the comments below.

Tap Dungeon RPG Tips and Tricks

Diamond Records – If you check the high score for diamond the person is way above the rest of everyone els and probably hacked the game somehow. I don’t think there is enough gear in the game to get the high of score or anywhere close to it.

Fast Easy Leveling – For fast and easy leveling of your characters and to get lots of loot leave your device on while your away and it will play automatically. You will have to turn of the screen dimmer so it will stay on permanently and then you’ll have to keep your device plugged in and charging at the same time. The best time to do this is when your sleeping and then when you wake up you’ll have tons of gold to level up characters with.

Gold Rush – Once in awhile large green words will flash across the screen talking about a gold rush on a certain floor. When you see the floor which is being mined there will be a blinking purple crytal instead of a blue one that has a very high chest drop rate. The best thing to do is tap the crystal with multiple fingers for the fastest rate of chests possible.

Increase Mining Speed – This is an upgrade in the mining guild that will max out after 5 upgrades. This will speed up your miners so they get gold faster along with more chests. The earlier you max out this skill the better.

No Ads – To play without ads all you have to do is turn the data off on your device. The ads arent really that bad and the only reason to really do it would be to conserve data.

Tapping – You can tap crystals that are being mined for and increased gold rate along with more chests. You want to use more than one finger to tap for the fastest gain possible. If you use to many fingers though the screen will scroll up and down making it hard to target a certain floor.

Vault – The vault can be a waste of diamonds when it comes to upgrading. The amount of gold gotten is pretty small compared to how much you get while playing and the app is open. It can be a small amount of gold while the app is close, but it is a pretty small amount. If you don’t plan on leaving your device on for large gains than this could be good for you, but diamonds would be better spent on gold increase and added miners.