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Below is a poll that people can use to vote on and find out which Alex Jones InfoWars products are the best. If your interested in any of the products listed here or would like to find out more about them you can do so at This post is meant to help shed light on which products are the best so you can make a better purchasing decision. Most if not all of Alex Jones products are spear tip technology and better than anything else on the market today so no matter what you buy your getting a good deal and a great product.

I personally have tried many of the items they have available on and have been very happy with the results. I used the 90 Essential Nutrients to get rid of my arthritis in 2 days!!! Check out this video for way more info on the 90 as it can prevent almost every disease known to man including all birth defects and can cure tons of things as well. I also have very good results with the Liver Shield which helped me loose 20-30 pounds and had amazingly noticeable cleanse results when used with Oxy Powder and there Liver Cleanse guide that also removed plastic balls that had formed in my appendix from FDA terrorism high treason food.

The Survival Shield X-2 Nascent Iodine is the best quality you can possible get as it’s mined from purple crystals and is 100% pure Iodine. This stuff is great for opening your third eye and cleaning your body of toxic waste like heavy medals and environmental pollution. It’s so strong that you can even get sick using it in the beginning from your body detoxifying too fast which can be countered by reducing the dosage or taking a break.

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Alex Jones InfoWars Shop Best Products Poll

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