Jan 062018

Hustle Castle California is another one of those stages that is meant for you to hopefully spend money on the game to get past it. You only real option is going to be upgrading rooms to higher levels and replacing old gear with better stuff. This is a short walkthrough and guide to help you out by going over the various things that can be done to pass the stage.

Unless you able to rearrange party members and classes for a better outcome it’s gonna take time to get past this barrier.

California Tips

Classes – The mage seems to be the best class according to the poll below though a mage wont last long unless it has a few good tanks up front. The archer seems to be lacking and only really has a distance advantage when it comes to attacking. You can put melee weapons on the archer for a huge increase to attack power though defense will be lacking as you’ll be put on the front lines.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Crafting – Crafting gear is one of the best way to get good stuff. It’s good to start by replacing items that are the weakest and then work your way up to the items that wont benefit so much with crafting.

Resurrection – The resurrection spell the comes on mages weapons can be a big help when it comes to beating stages and other players in PvP. Having more than one mage with the revive spell can make an even bigger difference when it comes to keeping the party alive. The more tanks that you have up from protecting the reviver the better off you’ll be.

Spells – The best spell by popular vote is Lion’s Spirit which will raise the entire parties attack power by a large amount for a decent amount of time.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Jan 022018

Hustle Castle Hot Ashes stage can be a real pain if your under leveled and have not upgraded your rooms very far. One of the key things to remember is that the boss will target Archers first and then work his way up to the front taking out any mages you might have. The second thing will be the bosses physical resistance making mages the best for damage. If you remove the archers from your party the boss will target the front row like normal putting your tanks to good use.

This can be a harder level than it’s suppose to be if you don’t under stand how the boss attacks. For the most part you will eventually get past Hot Ashes if you keep improving your gear and upgrading rooms.

Hot Ashes Tips

Archers – Archers will be targeted first if you have any then mages and warriors last. If you don’t use any archers the front row will be targeted first like normal.

Crafting – The best way to get gear is to craft it yourself. You might want to replace mage weapons since they will be doing all the damage.

Enemy Info – You can view different information about enemies by tapping there picture before entering battle. For this boss he will target Archers first then work his way up to the front row taking out the weaker classes first. The boss info will also mention that he is immune to physical damage so mages will do the most damage.

Immune To Physical Damage – The boss wont take much damage when using physical attacks from the Archer and Warrior classes. Mages weapons and spells are the best way to cause damage.

Revive Spell – What worked best for me was using two mages with the resurrect spell on there weapons and then two warriors up front to act as tanks. The mages revived just enough times to get the job done though it was a close call. This set up seemed to work much better than anything else I had tried.

Spells – Magic Orb will cause normal damage and will help take down the boss since his is vulnerable to magic damage only. By the time you get to Hot Ashes you should be able to bring 2 spells into battle though 3 will help out a lot more.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 312017

Hustle Castles Demons Ground is another stage that can be hard to beat if you don’t have the best gear or your rooms are under leveled. This is a small walkthrough and guide with tips to help get past the barrier along with other road blocks ahead.

For the most part if you replace weak equipment and upgrade rooms you will eventually get past any obstacle.

Demons Ground Tips

Best Classes – The best 2 classes seem to be the Mage and then the Warrior. The mage has a spell on some weapons that will revive fallen party members and can be a huge help especially if you have more than one. The Warrior is a must have as your gonna need at least one tank up front to keep the back row safe. The Archer doesn’t seem to have much power when it comes to damage output and when you facter in no revive are tanking they art so useful. You can put melee weapons on Archer cloths for a very large squad power increase though defense will be on the squishy side.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Best Spells – According to the poll below Lion’s Spirit is the best spell by popular vote. It has a large increase to attack that last for a decent amount of time. Plus the spell will stack with other spell and enable them to cause more damage. The second best seems to be Magic Orb which is the first spell and goods for taking down single enemies once it’s power up.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Enemy Info – You can tap the pictures of enemies before entering a stage to see information on them that can help during battle. Many of the bosses will have a few special traits like attacking Archers first or immunity to physical damage. The enemy info can sure help shed some light on things when you have know idea whats going on. For Demons Ground there isn’t really anything s special happening as you’ll just need to strengthen your fighters.

Stage Change – If a stage is too hard you can replay it in the future and things can be different. There can be different enemies or a lower amount of squad power needed to complete it. It can take a couple of days or more for the change to acquire and it may not work for bosses.

Check the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 292017

Lava Storm is another Hustle Castle stage that will require the player to build up a bit before moving on. This small walkthrough and guide will go over the basics and what can be done to improve for Lava Storm completion.

The easiest thing to do that can take awhile is to just upgrade rooms you have and make better gear to replace the weaker stuff. If you move forward in the game you’ll eventually pass the hurdles.

Lava Storm Tips

Best Class – At first using the archers can be a big help, but in the later part of the game the archers tends to be less useful than a mage and a warrior. The below poll would seem to confirm this the archer has gotten more votes lately. Make sure you try a different party because you might get a stronger outcome.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Crafting – Don’t forget to use your crafting station as they can be great for replacing old weaker gear. You can get shards for crafting by breaking down items in your inventory. The better the item broken down the higher quality the shard. You can also buy shards in the Portal shop.

Resurrection – The resurrect spell can be a big help when your dying a lot. Out of all the different party builds having a person to raise dead people is up at the higher end of the list. The resurrection spell comes on the weapons of mages sometime and will bring back a dead party member with a large amount of health, then after about 10 second the spell is ready again.

Spells – The spell Lion’s Spirit seem to be the most popular and best to use according to the poll below. Probably because it raises attack for the whole party by a large amount for a decent amount of time. The other good thing about Lion’s Spirit is it will increase the attack of spells too. Magic Orb is a close second for a good early damage spell.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Squad Power – Pay attention to your power level when you equip certain item. Some are better than other and you might not know it unless your watching your power level. Equipping the right armor for archers and mages will make a big difference when it comes to attack power. For some wierd reason you can put duel daggers with archer cloths for a very large power increase.

Stages Change Over Time – If you wait a certain amount of time stages can change the enemies and squad power. If at first it might seem hard try again later to find that it has maybe changes. This happened to me once on a Scorching Grounds stage. The enemies would always attack from behinds killing of me weaker back row, but after some time there where no enemies attacking from the back any more.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

Dec 222017

Below is a list of Hustle Castle Tips that work for both Android and the iOS version. FOr the most part your gonna be waiting a lot for things to get done and rooms to be built and upgraded. The sooner you can get the hang of things the better off you’ll be. Up to about level 17 players are pretty weak and can be defeated easily for PvP points. Since the game will match you according to your level the higher you go the harder things get.

Hustle Castle Tips

Arena – You can get a prize in the Arena just for participating without haev to battle other players. This can be useful for when you don’t have time to play the arena and are fine with the minimum rewards. The key to winning the Arena or getting high on the ranking is to defeat your opponent fast. As you fight you’ll see the score go down over time. By playing the weakest opponents first you’ll get a higher score which will move you up the rankings.

Best Class – The best class seems to be the mages with it’s ability to revive dead party members with the right weapon. Of course the next best would be the warrior since tanks will be needed to protect the back row which can be squishy and easy to defeat.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Best Spells – Fortunately, one of the best spells is gotten early so it can be enjoyed for along time. Lion’s Spirit will increase the whole parties attack damage by a large amount for a decent length of time. It will even raise the damage of other spells making it a must for causing damage to the enemy.

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CraftingCrafting is one of the best ways to get good gear so be sure to save your shards for items that you really need. It’s best to try and replace equipment that low in level or doesn’t have a high rarity.

How To Delete Dwellers – While in the inventory you can tap the button to the right of their health bar to change names or to banish them from the castle permanently. When breeding it’s best to get rid of the low ranked dwellers to make room for the ones with higher potential.

Five Star Potential – There are 2 ways to get five star rated dwellers the first is to upgrade them using diamons which can be really expensive. The second and recommended way is to produce them in the Living Room by combining males and females. Makes sure to always use your best rated dwellers for the best results.

Move Rooms – Rooms can be moved at any time for nothing. You can long press the screen or go through the Throne Room for the castle editor. This can be useful for merging rooms together that are the same level and type. Remember to hit the save button when done or the changes won’t be applied.

Protecting Resources – One way of keeping your resources from getting taken all the time is to keep them in there respective room that produces them. Just be sure to get them before the room is full or you’ll be wasting time and valuable resources.

Squad Power – You can increase your power rating by a lot when you put the dual daggers with archer clothing, though defense will be horrible attack will go way up for some reason just look at DPS.

Another ways is to save up your chest for when you need them. As your level gets higher the rewards will be better so you might want to wait until the next level for a grand opening of chests.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 062017

Below is a growing list of Hustle Castle Tips and Tricks along with other things like hints, guides, how to’s and more.

There’s more related info just check the Hustle Castle Wiki for more guides, tips, walkthroughs and a long list of other things.

Hustle Castle Tips and Tricks

Crafting – Crafting is a great way to replace gear that has low stats and can be improved upon. You can get crafting materials by breaking down equipment that you don’t need anymore. This is the best place to get Legendary quality items though they can take awhile to save up for. I can be a good idea to save some of the craft materiel for when you level up further through fighter training.

Getting Five Star Potential Dwellers without real money – There are 2 ways to get the highest ranked dweller in the game. The first is to combine males and females in the Living Room to make babies that grow up into five star adults. The second way is to upgrade the ones you already have using diamonds which can be expensive.

When using the Living Rooms it’s best to use your highest ranked dwellers in the duplication process. You can use two 3 stars to get a four star and so forth. Your going to want at least 6 Five Star residents so they can train to the highest levels which is 100 and wear the best gear. Without 6 of the highest ranked heroes ou wont be able to make it to the later stages in the game.

Happiness – When your Happiness is high you can get earning bonuses when producing resources by 2%, 5% and 20% for premium players. There are several different ways to raise your happiness which will go down after time.

  1. The first is to tap the bubbles that appear over your dwellers heads in the castle. Each one will produce a small amount and has the chance of giving you free diamonds.
  2. When you have a baby and when the baby grows up into a usable adult form you’ll get a large amount.
  3. Completing construction of castle rooms will net you some.

How To Merge Rooms – You can merge more than one room together to form a larger room. They only have to be the same level and type than all you have to do is place them next to each other. You can always divide the room again in the castle editor which can be useful for cheaper sectional upgrading. Merging will help when it comes to collecting resources as you wont have to tap the screen so much when collecting them.

Protecting Resources – Unless you have a higher power rating for your level bracket your probably going to have lots of people trying to steal your resources. One way to protect them is to keep them in the room that generates them. This will make sure that invaders don’t get everything you have when they do get through your defenses. You want to be careful you don’t spend that much times maxed out or you’ll end up wasting stuff.

Resurrection – Having the resurrection spell can be a big help when you have problems with fighter dying too fast in battle. If you have more than one caster of resurrection like say 2 or 3 than your chances of survival will go up good when you have tanks at the front line.

Dec 062017

You may be looking to start over for some reason and reset Hustle Castle back to a fresh and new installation. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of reset button or place to unlink your account. What you can do is switch your account to something different which will need to have 2 account in Gmail or Facebook. Once you have switched Hustle Castle over to another account you can reinstall the app under the default Google account associated with your device as a fresh install.

How To Reset Hustle Castle

If you want a Hustle Castle reset this is what you do.

1. Go into Settings and tap the Account Management button.

2. Next select either the Google Play or Facebook option and choose something different then the default.

3. Uninstall the app, then re-install it from the Google Play, Itunes store or from a backup.

4. Now when you log in for the first time don’t use any of the same accounts that are connected and you should be able to reset and start fresh and new.

For more info visit the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Nov 162017

In this Hustle Castle 5 Star Guide with Tips I’ll go over how to get 5 star dwellers. The most expensive way is to upgrade a dweller you already have costing 750 Diamonds for 4 Stars and then 2000 Diamonds for 5 Stars. You can breed 4 stars with 2 3 stars dwellers about 1 in 10 though buying them with diamonds using real money is faster, but is it worth it.

Your gonna need at least 6 5 Star rank fighters if you wanna be the best as you can then upgrade the fighter rank to 100. When your in the highest rank you’ll be able to use the best gear and that will dramatically make a difference when it comes to max DPS and making sure know body takes your resources and gold.

Having max stars on dwellers is a must to be able to complete all content in Hustle Castle. Since probably most people might not have the cash to blow on this game by purchasing diamonds most people will want to know if your can breed the coveted 5 Star and that answer is yes.

Your gonna want to get 4’s then try for 5’s with them. It’s gonna take some time as the odds seem to be pretty low. The best thing you can do is upgrade your Living Room so more dwellers can do their thing and make sure they are of the best quality possible for the best chance to get the best.

Be sure to check out the Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Wiki with Guide, Tips, Walkthroughs and more

Nov 052017

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Wiki Guide Tips WalkthroughA Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is developed by My.com B.V. and is available for both Android and iOS free for download.

Check back in the near future for updated content on this Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Wiki.

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Daily Chest – In the Market under Treasures you can get a free daily chest which has the chance at dropping common, uncommon and rare items.

Dwellers – These are the people that run your castle. You can get more dwellers by completing stages on the map in the beginning, then later you’ll have to breed them in the Living Room. You tap them to enter their inventory for putting on new gear. You can also drag them to different locations in your castle. When a room has to many people one will leave and start wondering around the castle, you’ll have to drag them to somewhere useful. They rank from 1-5 star ranking which determines how high they can be upgraded. You can increase their star ranking with diamonds or randomly throw breeding. The higher your star count the better chance of breeding a dweller with more stars.

Equipment – Be sure to equip your dwellers with the appropriate gear. Some equipment will increase the output of food and gold while others will increase attack and defense strength.

Food – You can put more than one person in your kitchen to increase the production of food output. Upgrade the kitchen to produce more food and use more dwellers. Make sure to put on the right gear for higher food output as well.

Free Diamonds – You can get free diamonds by tapping the bubbles that appear over dwellers heads in the castle. The amount received is around 3 each time so not that much, but still free. It will happen on sad faces or negative expressions as well as the others. The frequency of getting free diamonds isn’t to high with about 1 in 20 taps on bubbles. You can also get free diamonds by completing achievements. Use Dark Souls to purchase diamonds when the portal is open in the shop.

Gold – Gold is needed to purchase and upgrade rooms in your castle. You can put more than 1 dweller in your Treasury to increase the gold earned over time. Be sure to equipped the right gear so you can earn as much gold as possible. One of the fastest ways to get gold is be completing stages on the map. Remember though there is a max to how much gold you can have at one time so make sure your Treasury is the appropriate level.

Protecting Gold – You can save up chest then use them right before a purchase for gold. This will save gold without having other players steal it.


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