Dec 172017

In Hustle Castle you can joins clans or create your own using the Clan Hall. So far the only real purpose of being in a clan is to have the ability to share resources along with challenging others to duels which is both done from the chat window. The chat window can be tricky to find. It’s located on the left side of the screen labeled with an arrow that will pull out the chat window when tapped.

When you request resources your only able to choose one which other people can donate to until it reaches it’s maximum limit. To increase the amount of resources that can be donated your gonna have to upgrade your clan hall.

Dueling is just for fun and to test how good you are compared to your clan mates. When someone accepts your duel they will play you after which you can view the details and a replay.

Join My Clan “Fallout Shelter” or leave yours in the comments

I created a clan called “Fallout Shelter” without the quotes that you can join if you want to. It seems to be hard to find a clan that has a large amount of people so I figured this post might help out a little bit. Anyone is welcome to join as there isn’t any limit set for anything. Feel free to leave the name of your Clan in the comments so others can join you too. Joining a clan with many players will help you get the resources when you request them.

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