Jan 022018

Hustle Castle Hot Ashes stage can be a real pain if your under leveled and have not upgraded your rooms very far. One of the key things to remember is that the boss will target Archers first and then work his way up to the front taking out any mages you might have. The second thing will be the bosses physical resistance making mages the best for damage. If you remove the archers from your party the boss will target the front row like normal putting your tanks to good use.

This can be a harder level than it’s suppose to be if you don’t under stand how the boss attacks. For the most part you will eventually get past Hot Ashes if you keep improving your gear and upgrading rooms.

Hot Ashes Tips

Archers – Archers will be targeted first if you have any then mages and warriors last. If you don’t use any archers the front row will be targeted first like normal.

Crafting – The best way to get gear is to craft it yourself. You might want to replace mage weapons since they will be doing all the damage.

Enemy Info – You can view different information about enemies by tapping there picture before entering battle. For this boss he will target Archers first then work his way up to the front row taking out the weaker classes first. The boss info will also mention that he is immune to physical damage so mages will do the most damage.

Immune To Physical Damage – The boss wont take much damage when using physical attacks from the Archer and Warrior classes. Mages weapons and spells are the best way to cause damage.

Revive Spell – What worked best for me was using two mages with the resurrect spell on there weapons and then two warriors up front to act as tanks. The mages revived just enough times to get the job done though it was a close call. This set up seemed to work much better than anything else I had tried.

Spells – Magic Orb will cause normal damage and will help take down the boss since his is vulnerable to magic damage only. By the time you get to Hot Ashes you should be able to bring 2 spells into battle though 3 will help out a lot more.

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