Jan 262018

Some Super Miner Grow Miner Tips and Tricks to help you out during gameplay. For the most part things are pretty straight forward when it comes to progression. Dig as far as you can then move onto the next mine for added income and resources. There are a few things that might not be obvious so I’ll go into more detail with them below.

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Super Miner Grow Miner Tips and Tricks

Displayable Minerals – Sometimes when opening a sealed ore you will find a displayable mineral that will generate cash over time in the Mine Museum. For each one that you collect you will generate $50 per second. If you let the museum fill to max cash you will get added money as a bonus. Since you can only carry 2 sealed ore at a time it’s a good idea to open them right away just encase you get one of these minerals. In addition the more you have the higher the max amount of gold that can be earned in the museum.

Faster Tapping – You can use more than one finger to tap for more speed. 3 fingers seem to work well while 4 fingers have a tendency to scroll the screen all over the place. This comes in handy when using the faster mining skill. You can also find different apps that will tap the screen for you which can make a huge difference in progression.

Hiring Miners – When you have reached you maximum for miners you will have the option to combine or fuse 2 miners that you already have to make room for a new one when using the Mining Company option. This is a bad idea as you will reduce the max amount of miners that you can possible have since the fused miners will disappear. The best thing to do is save up for more lodge space.

Refinery – Buying refineries will allow you to refine more minerals at the same time. Each refinery will add one more possible production slot that will lets you make more over time.

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