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Stephon Clark’s death should have never happened if the police were trained properly and had better equipment to deal with situations. Having officers in the position to shoot and kill people when they are threatened with melee weapons is an over use of force. Since this person was shoot more than 20 times it seems to be a situation were the police have no idea what they are doing. There is always a chance that they shot this person intentionally as they may have been told by police chief to be on the look out for situations where you can get away with murder so they can manipulate gun statistics as they same things seems to happen in New York.

How many times to you have to shoot a person before they drop a melee weapon and would no longer have the ability to move. The large amount of shots fired seems like an over kill and very unnecessary. These police seem to have no respect for people who may threaten there lives and are more than willing to KILL you.

I think that they should take away the ability for cops to kill people by giving the none leather catch only weapons. This would also cut down on the times police have get back game issues and are more than willing to shoot you. The only problem with this idea is that it seems as though the US military and other government programs like the FBI and CIA have officer assassins that can appear on any force at will or are on call in different police stations like LA and New York to kill certain people on command. Things like the cure for cancer or free energy might get a special forces police officer to pay you a visit. They seem to often have people die were in doesn’t look like a suicide , but they will call it one anyhow to stop any investigation that might make if look fishy or point the finger at the government. Michael Hastings is another good example.

These officers should at least had a taser or tranquilizer that could have been used to pacify the situations without anyone getting hurt. These police seem to be under trained or unable to deal with the various problems they are expected to come across on a daily basis. I don’t think the police had enough reason to shoot the person down. Just watch how the police station will condone the behavior and defend police. Systems that are responsible for governing themselves have a hard time holding themselves accountable and why it doesn’t work to correct and improve.

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