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Stephen Hawking’s Funeral has just taken place and one of the biggest things not being talked about is the natural cure and prevention for ALS which is what Hawking suffered from. The FDA goes to huge measure to make sure they hide cures and use made up treatment that can cost a made up expensive price. The cost to maintain a healthy life free from disease and illness is much less than what a doctor is hoping to charge you over a life time of treatments that don’t work and end up hurting you more.

The cure for ALS can vary depending on how advanced it is and how much damage a person has received from FDA treatments. THe best thing you can do is take the step to prevent ALS from happening which is the same as the cure mention next. What your going to want to do to cure ALS is take the 90 Essential Nutrient by Dr Joel Wallach. The 90 is a must as there are around 10 diseases or ailments tied to each of the 90 different vitamins and minerals. It will dramatically increase your overall health along with living longer and is a must for preventing all birth defects or just about everything that people suffer from. The next thing you gonna want to do is eat eggs for proteins and healthy cholesterol to help rebuild brain matter along with many other parts of the body. Also stick to the goods food from the list and stay away from bad foods as they will hurt you the more you eat.

This information is well known in many groups, but is completely ignored by the FDA as they refuse to use nutrition for cures as it doesn’t make as much money and looks to be parts of a population control scheme along with some devil worshiping. The facts that the FDA is allowed to use murderous treatments instead of cheap cures is complete terrorism, high treason and more horrific then Adolf Hitler. TO think that no matter who you are kid or president you will be given health care that will end up killing you. Many many famous , rich, political or very important people in the world have doctors that have been mislead at colleges like Oxford intentionally to fill job positions that mislead and hurt people for money and controlling a country. Technically, most of what the FDA says is malpractice since there are cures for many of the things that people suffer from and preventions for most of them using the 90 and eating healthy. Insurance fraud is also another big one that doctors regularly take advantage of. If you see a rich doctor or a hospital putting there name on businesses around town the money they used to make or buy the business probably came from committing tons of insurance fraud. Where is the FBI in all of this madness, probably helping plan the next big 9/11.

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