Feb 282018

Just recently a murder occurred where a suspected dementia patient attack another elderly lady and she ended up dying. In a lot of way Southridge is responsible for practicing medicine by prescribing or giving prescription medications to people for things that have cures. The point is to keep dementia patients getting worse so they can make money long term and probably has something to do with a population control agenda along with your extremely confused devil worshipers. Southridge might not be completely aware of the serial killer activity they are participating in, but they should defiantly be held accountable for extremely bad caretaker skills which are far beyond illegal.

For those of you that might not know already, the FDA is only in the business of treatment and not cures. They refuse to use nutrition to heal the body as it doesn’t make as muck money as fare man made chemicals. Real doctors have blown the whistle many times on the FDA and their army of miss educated employees. Thankfully there are real doctors like Dr. Joel Wallach who actually concerned about getting you a true cure and not just trying to make money of you while you die slowly.

You can watch the video below for more information, but here is what I know about the cure for dementia. One of the best foods for curing dementia is eggs as they have protein and healthy cholesterol which the brain is made up off. By eating the right particles people with dementia are able to regrow their deteriorating brain and regan control of themselves again. The most important thing that must be done is taking the 90 Essential Nutrients which has just what the body needs to heal itself from dementia.

The FDA is on it’s way out currently with many of it’s higher ranked doctors and employees facing long jail time and death penalties for mega high treason. They are currently hurting or killing over 15 million people a year in the United States with there fake healing knowledge are are labeled worse then Hitler.

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