Mar 182018

Southeastern Behavioral Health in Sioux Falls is a horrific mess of some of the worst doctors and care takers that exist today. Based on the quality of care you can easily say these people are scamming others, there fake doctors that got a degree then got a random job that requires them to destroy others lives. If you look at the side effect of the meds they use  they seem to cause way more damage than good which could defiantly be consistent with a murderer or a serial killer.

It is well know amongst the medical community in Sioux Falls that the doctors that work at Southeastern Behavioral Health don’t care about people and will put them on all kinds of meds that are unnecessary though all meds are unnecessary. It’s hilarious how stupid these people are. As long as they have a title an a little money these people think they are on top of the world along with super helpful towards other. The harsh reality is that the FDA is hiding cures and only using murderous, poisonous treatments that will actually cause more harm so they can make more money. It seems that these people are lead by satan worshipers and people trying to destabilize and take down the US.

These doctors should have the right to “practice” taken away and should have to repay people for all the damages they cause. If you look at how much damage is caused to people in the US from the FDA and alike they don’t possible have the money to repay for all the trouble they have cause. And why would a system be set up that causes so much harm. Humans are really easy to take advantage of. All you have to do is give them a fancy tiel and some cash and they are willing to do all kinds of things.

If you refuse to use cures and want to go ahead with treatments that hurt people so they need more treatments then you are a terrorist that should be taken out of the game of life. They should throw you in some kind of repend prison so you can pull your head out of your rear. Doctors like these should also have their kids taken from them as they will most likely use miss information to try and treat their poor child who should be given a cure.

Dear FDA, Your committing MEGA HIGH TREASON which is punishable by death. Many people believe we are in Revelations and that means your time to do horrible things is nearing to an end. All FBI agents are either terrorists or are prepped to do terrorist activity along with the CIA. There is a huge scam network of terrorism taking place in the US right now and you can bet that if they have a high government title or a are paid a lot of money they are keeping their mouths shut about high crime that’s being committed on a daily basis for fear of being killed by the US Military, CIA, FBI, MI567… along with others. You should have yourself a good look at a testimony of people going to hell, sounds like these people are going there for sure.

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