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South Park: Phone Destroyer Best Cards info with a poll so people can vote on their own. As you increase you PvP rank you will unlock new cards all the way up to PvP rank 40 where you unlock the Princess Kenny Assassin card that stuns an enemy for 10 seconds.

These South Park: Phone Destroyer Cards are the best according to there Legendary statues, but since there are so few other cards of less rarity can be just as useful.

South Park: Phone Destroyer Best Cards

The cards listed below are all of Legendary statues and there are only 2 for each theme except for Mystical which has 3 and Neutral which only has 1.

Princess Kenny – Assassin using 2 Energy and unlocked at PvP Rank 40. This late card has the special ability to stun and opponent for 10 seconds. This card makes times when you have only 1 or 2 enemies to deal with much easier when it comes to cleaning up the field. Unfortunately, this bad boy isn’t unlock until very late in the game making other cards more valuable though the stun effect can really change the tide of battle in your favor.


Stan of Many Moons – Fighter of Legendary quality. Has a charged attack that hits all enemies on the screen. The group attack is good for knocking down the health points of opposing forces. It’s legendary statues is the only problem making it harder to find and upgrade than more common cards in the game.

Inuit Kenny– Assassin Legendary quality. His special move is to kill the enemy the killed him. The hit back of this special move is good for taking down tanks and other tough foes with it’s one hit kill aspect.


Sixth Element Randy– Fighter that summons a vacuum to fight along side you. The vacuum is great for and extra attacker and will add more numbers to your ranks.

Mecha Timmy – Ranged attacker that can control the closest enemy for 3 seconds making the front line a little less dangerous for a short time. The amount of time for this skill to be active is pretty short, but having the enemy attack his own party adds more DPS and takes the heat off of a teammate.


The Master Ninjew– Ranged that does +20 attack for your whole party. The boost in DPS is great for over coming your aggressor and best used with cards that have high DPS and are good attackers.

Witch Doctor Token – A fighter that can drain the HP points of enemies and use them to restore his own health. This move is very useful for surviving the front line and turns a tank into a healer or priest of sort.


Grand Wizard Cartman – A tank that using magic to damage enemies in a short radius. The group attack is pretty strong along with the tanking being pretty good making this a real good player for survivability.

Shieldmaiden Wendy – A fighter with the ability to become invincible for 3 seconds. The immunity to damage helps keep the playing in the fight a little longer.


Manbearpig – A tank that stay in the fight for a long time. This is probably one of the best tank in the game though getting and upgrading it is another story.

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