Feb 262018

Rocky Traversie of Sioux Falls was just denied in his lawsuit against police for excessive force. The federal Judge who had the case seems to be protecting police regardless of their crimes. After reviewing the case and dash cams the Judges said the reasonable force was used to apprehend Rocky. This seems to be far from the truth as the officers crosses way over the line when it came to arresting him.

After officers tried to beat Rocky to death with a night stick they kept the hit back going like a bunch of angry animals. After driving Rocky back to the police station and booking him like usual they decided they would take him somewhere off camera and wave their guns in his face making death threats. The police who pointed guns at Rocky after the facts where fired, but apparently this doesn’t count when it comes to judging.

The US government is corrupted by people who CAN’T do there job due to mental issues and just not being qualified because of human limitations.

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