Mar 282018

R Kelly is under fire again for apparently brainwashing a 14 child and turning them into a sex slave. If you use your discernment skills you can see a lot of things like just because your music sounds good doesn’t mean your not a horrific person, the music industry is probably saturated with people having their way with children like Hollywood. the FBI are useless once again showing their hands as some kind of lucifer agency protecting the most wicked for some reason. Another big one would be how is BBC still in business after getting caught red handed having inside information about the 9/11 attacks when the BBC reporter said building 7 fell before it actually did which is some of the best evidence to show that 9/11 was an inside job labeling American military, FBI, CIA and others as high treason rogue government and some of the biggest terrorist to ever exist.

Many people are complaining that R Kelly has never gotten in trouble for what he did to under age girls. I don’t see why they don’t at least press charges against him so they can get some of that money he’s got. The thing is that many people around R Kelly are probably doing the same thing. I bet most folks would be surprised to see how many kids are being sexually abused by rich people. It’s so bad that if you see a child in a movie there is a good chance that they were molested by adults around them.

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