Apr 052018

There is a chance that the man killed police was done so on purpose. This wouldn’t be the first time someone in New York was killed to manipulate gun statistics along with possible African American instigation. A person should be able to tell the difference between a pipe and a gun. It seems that police are told to look for situation where they can get away with murder like if they have something in their hands.

I heard a story from Alex Jones where he said an old couple where walking up some stairs in a tall building when a New York cops suddenly appeared, shot the old man and then called the union right away before calling for medical assistance. Not to mention that the New York police chief was probably in deep with covering up 9/11.

Cops are severely under equip when it comes to fighting crime. I guess they are hiding good defense tech so that gun owners or criminals don’t get them and use it to remove the cults running the US and other counties. They should at least have some bullet proof suit so they don’t pee themselves from fear every time someone seem threatening.

Catch only would also be a must so they can make sure that they wont kill innocent people. I suppose though if they had tech that safely caught criminals (destabilized citizens) they would get away with murder when the military sends in the local police, FBI, CIA or others to kill someone who ran their mouth about lets say a cure for cancer.

I bet they have weapons already that can shoot some kind of dart that would shut you down faster than blowing holes in you with a gun.

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