Apr 032018

Fake News is a popular saying these days as it seems to describe almost perfectly what the MSM has for content quality. It seems that tons of websites like the LA Times or Washington Post plus tons more are control by a large group of people with the same idea to lie and manipulate to get there evil deeds done. Many might not realize that the whole world is made up of many fake things that are being done or used intentionally to hold back people from being healthy and progressive. Below are a few things that are fake in the United States with some from outside the US.

Fake News – All the big news names and websites like the Washington Post have pretty much destroyed themselves by going along with terrorist elite and corrupt government by lying and manipulating. I’m surprised nobody has sued them for lying to a whole country. When did they stop holding people for treason? It hilarious how they never report on anything important like cures for disease and seem to stick to useless information or try to sway you politically. These are badpeople with an agenda.

Fake FDA – They are almost completely malpractice with there fake treatment and fake prescription. There are a ton of cures for things these day and even more preventions which the FDA refused to use since they are natural and easy to get making a doctors fake education useless. One of the most dangerous places to be on earth is a hospital as they are mostly full of doctors using things to keep you sick long term for more profits. The FDA promotes poison food and particles intentionally to make you sick so they can make money. The FDA is far worse than Hitler and should be shut down NOW!!! Check the video below for tons of cures and information to help you protect yourself against most of the doctors out there who are committing severe horrific high treason serial killer malpractice.

Fake CDC – I hear that they have all kinds of deadly bio weapons and Resident Evil stuff in ares that aren’t secure. Like they have level 5 stuff in a level 3 area. This is to probably have ready a weapon that can be used and blamed as a accident. Instead of building Heaven on Earth the CDC is making bio weapons that can wipe out all life. They also specialize in coming up with treatments for things that have natural cheap healthy been around for a long time cures. This is a front for doing horrible things and they probably have mass areas under ground full of human experiments.

Fake Police – Who gave these guys guns? They should have none kill catch only tech, but then they wouldn’t get away with murder. When police show up on the scene they are looking for crimes as they have an illegal quota to fill and they might need to hit you mack if you hurt their feeling which isn’t hard. Men wont arrest woman because they have a crush on them. They will arrest more people at the end of the most as this is when the quota is up. When it comes to filling out paper the are the spitting image of a false witness.

Fake FBI – Almost complexly corrupt with false flag terrorism going on to cause destabilization and hold down the American people. You can say that the FBI has gone completely rouge though it seems it was always and has always been for doing horrible things. When you see them arresting criminals this is a front to make you think they are the good guys when in reality the highest ranked agents are assassins that protect some of the most wicked people that have ever existed. They sure showed their hands on 9/11 when they refused to do the jobs they pretend to do and that’s to arrest criminals. Instead the FBI worked hard to cover up 9/11 and blame it on other things.

Fake CIA – These people have been notorious for killing all kinds of people from famous musicians to ex presidents like JFK. They will swoop in on you and you or your whole family if your the type of person to run his mouth about sensitive things. It seems they are set up like many other corrupt secret keepers in that the new guys will do good things like arrest semi bad people in an attempt to make you think they are all good and nothing bad is going on. Over time you will move up the ranks and end up beating and torturing kids to make ISIS managers or kill public figures who break the code of silence.

Fake MI5,6,∞ – These guys are the special police in England and they seem to be geared towards causing problems in the world after or before 9/11 according to the MI5 whistle blower in the video below, the video may try to load slow in the beginging like it’s not working, but this is a tactic to keep people from watching it. Just recently London took the top place for murderers comitted in one month when sized up with the whole world.

Fake Military – The US military is a massive lie. All the tech that you see is mostly WW2 stuff with a few improvements. They are hiding super high tech so they can keep their enemies from getting it and to keep society dumbed down and controllable. They may be planning to launch a fake alien attack in the future to gain control with fear. They also seem to have advance robot capable of mimicking football player like Zay Jones and probably all kinds of others applications. At Pearl Harbor the US military sunk their own outdated ships to start a fake war. They are probably planning on doing the same thing in the near future as they seem to have a lot of outdated equipment.

Fake 9/11 – This was guaranteed an inside job as there is all kinds of proof online these days and new stuff coming out all the time. One of the biggest pieces of evidence is the BBC reporter who said building 7 fell before it did showing there hand as scripted planned fake news. It seems there is a huge stand down when it comes to the military and FBI doing there job showing there hands as nothing more than politically agencies corruption factories. A lot more than 3000 people were killed on 9/11. They never mention all the first responders probably because it was a bio attack too. People that said they heard bomb were mostly all killed. Since the destruction cloud was technically a bio weapon, though the probably had some kind of poison slow kill gas, many surrounding people breathed in lots of poison participles reducing life expectancy. This puts the death toll to well over 3000.

Fake Judges – They call judges honorable when they are certainly far from it. These guess are full of human error and lots of the time have no clue what going on. They will rush cases through as fast as possible to keep thing move and this is where 30% of innocent people go to jail. They will turn a blind eye to most crimes committed by government making them high treason terrorist filling the gov with criminals. They have zero right to throw you in a jail with poisoned food, water and health care. Judges are part of a destabilization attack on the US and are just taking orders as they destroy lives for profits. They come up with magical fines that are stolen and not given to victims. You’d think a victim would get payed since without them a fine would not have been possible. Where is the Supreme Court when it comes to high crimes like child molestation in Hollywood or FDA malpractice? They are pretending to do super honorable things when in reality they are protecting some of the worst people, businesses and government that have ever existed.

Fake Lawyers – Part of the lawyer codes is that if you get caught breaking the law you can loose you ability to practice the law. Probably most lawyers break the law to win there cases by lying and hiding evidence. Sometimes you might have to lie to a judge unfortunately as some of them are brain dead and without discernment. States attorney are some of the worse lawyers that exist today. They will almost always cover up crime committed by the government which turns them into nothing more than a mafia crime bracket. States Attorney are also said to put 30% of people in jail who are innocent making them off the chart criminals and they are illegally operating inside the various states.

Fake Laws – They law makers are completely corrupt and out of touch with reality. They give huge punishments for crimes including sending you to murder prisons with poison food and health care. They will take ALL the money and almost never give any money to victims which were the cause of the earning in the first place. Many laws have a complete disregard for human rights and look more like kidnapping, theft and murder.

Fake Weather – They have a huge amount of control over things like making it rain, snow, thunder, lightning, heat, cold, earth quakes, tsunamis and much more. Sometime around the end Obama’s gay term they issued gag order on meteorologists in the US saying they had to shut their mouth if they saw weather discrepancies and they can’t say that it is fake weather. I heard they could make it rain in WW2. You can bet they made the recent hurricanes that hit Cuba and Texas a lot stronger then they should have been. Rich Elite have made an announcement to prepare for space weather, this is just a cover for weather weapons.

Fake TV and Crisis Actors – Shows these day are huge lie manipulation campaigns to get you to look at the world different than what it really is. If you see a police show it’s meant to make police look like heroes instead of the normal brutality kidnapping bullying murdering thieving lying lawless family destroyers the really are. The amount of crimes committed by police is off the wall and to add to it the states attorney and judge will rarely hold themselves accountable building a nest of criminals. The quality of jail is poison food and fake murder treatments that reduce life expectancy with no cure nutrition like the 90 Essential Nutrients, this is a violation of human rights as you probably didn’t get the death penalty. The bigger the city the better chance the police chief is a CIA assassin where they will be tasked with having one of the officers kill someone.

Doctors shows will leave you feeling like they are some of the greatest people in the world when in reality they are committing worse crimes than Hitler. Surgeons are a must though many things they want to open you up for are scams and malpractice as they can be fixed with nutrition like the 90 Essential Nutrients. Other doctors like ones that deal with disease and treatments are committing severe malpractice and mass murder using treatments and prescription for things that have natural cures like eating an orange. Taking the 90 before, while and after getting pregnant while eating a healthy diet will prevent all birth defects because they are a result of nutritional deficiency. Pediatricians and others dealing with kids refuse to use this information as they are making lots of money on birth defects.

Crisis actors are everywhere on TV. These are people trained to manipulate people into changing there views like for political reasons. If you see an actor they have probably been trained to screw you over and are not your friend and definitely not an idol or role model. Other things they might do is have more war type content to condition the public for accepting false flags or a world war.

Fake Energy – There is a huge effort to prevent free energy from becoming public. It look like they are keeping fake energy like gas around so they can justify a carbine tax. They seem to be building tons of nuclear reactors so they can use them in a surface killing false flag. HHO is practically free energy and is basically electrocuted water with electrolytes in it. So many things should be running on non polluting HHO. It is also and off the grid must for free energy.

Fake Transportation – Cars kill people so that the FBI, CIA and military can get away with murder. They can be made way stronger so they don’t smash like pop cans or burn up. Cars are a mess or fake parts meant to steal money from you over time. These car manufactures should be run out of town for good. Years ago they came out with a car in Europe that got 300 miles to the gallon with diesel, but the US dealers like Ford or Chevy are working together so you can never drive one and use one of there money traps instead. The government seems to be going out of their way to make sure big names like Ford are the only folks making cars and truck as it looks like real competition would put them out of business and probably in jail.

Fake Communication – The way people connect with others these days is riddled with silent invisible weapons like WiFi, cell phones and cell phone towers. These thing cause damage to cells in the body causing cancer, tumors, lack of sleep and concentration and who knows what else. Now the terrorist murdering government and companies like Verizon Wireless are releasing 5G technology which will cause even more damage to humans. Children are even more sensitive than humans and will get all kinds of rare cancers. A huge kill net that is meant to murder lots of Americans like a frog in a boiling pot.

Apr 022018

Verizon Wireless says they are the leader when it comes to 5G technology. It seems that the company is either some kind of government proxy business are they are working directly with the US government to mass murder the United States with microwave radiation. One of the biggest reason you probably don’t see the FBI doing anything is that they are probably using the same tech as a weapon. I have a question? If WiFi isn’t harmful then can we pile up a bunch of router and cell phone towers next to the people who distribute and stick up for the tech the most. It seems like a legal way to kill somebody to me. You can take a huge WiFi emitter and point it at the FBI headquarters and get rid of all of them.

I was recently introduced to a MIFi device by Verizon Wireless and it was some of the worst WiFi that I have ever come across as it burned my body and left stinging feeling even after it was turned of. This is more than enough proof for me that Verizon Wireless is taking part in a hug mass murder campaign along with probably Generals in the US military.

Verizon doesn’t have anywhere close to the money to pay back the people who are hurt and killed by WiFi. The damage they are causing is on a massive scale. A military man from Britain said that they us WiFi as a weapon to kill people all the time.

It’s unbelievable the massive amount of mass kill layers governments and corporation or putting in place to kill life on earth. According to my constitutional rights and local law I am as a person able to put my hands on the people involved at this point since the law doesn’t seem to do anything about it.

The people who run Verizon Wireless are committing mega high treason along with the United States government which seems to have been taken over by wicked friends and family only. It’s time for a purge over governments including lots of jail time and death penalties for all involved. I think the harsh reality is the people tasked with being are protectors like the FBI have really been tasked with covering up large crimes and helping a population agenda move forward. The laws of nature say you forfeit you right to breath and live.

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Apr 012018

Jesus Christ Superstar is a play that has been around for awhile now and like a lot of Jesus propaganda they completely avoid his healing abilities and how you can do almost the same thing by using nutrition like the 90 Essential Nutrients. The FDA try’s very hard to hide cures as most of them are nutrition which can’t be copyrighted for more money. Right now the FDA is committing mostly malpractice instead of being the so called healers they advertise themselves to be. They refuse to use cures and instead push murderous treatments which makes them look like some kind of 1776 British/China invasion, terrorist or satan worshipers.

You can use the 90 Essential Nutrients to prevent all birth defects if you take it before, during and after pregnancy to make sure your child is always getting the right amount of nutrition. Your also going to want to eat the right foods from the Good/Bad food list. It seems that in the United States doctors are not being taught that you can prevent every birth effect very easily with nutrition. They instead seem to hide the info intentionally to cause birth defects so they can make money of the life time of the person born with a birth defect. This is an absolute horrific thing that is worse than what Hitler did and it’s going on right now in the US.

The 90 is a must for everyone and you should stat taking it as soon as possible. I started taking it when I had gotten arthritis in my elbows after healing from an accident. I could barely sleep on my side, but when I started taking the 90 it went away in 2 days. Most people will get a great benefit from it though some of them depending of level of health problems will get huge results trigger a possible light situation where people feel like they are hit with light on the inside. This is just a body in dire need for the correct micro particles and letting you know that your doing the right thing.

Check the video below for a ton of cure information or you can search Google for cures just make sure you add Dr. Joel Wallach to your search query or Google will try and hide the cure from you.

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Mar 312018

Stephen Hawking’s Funeral has just taken place and one of the biggest things not being talked about is the natural cure and prevention for ALS which is what Hawking suffered from. The FDA goes to huge measure to make sure they hide cures and use made up treatment that can cost a made up expensive price. The cost to maintain a healthy life free from disease and illness is much less than what a doctor is hoping to charge you over a life time of treatments that don’t work and end up hurting you more.

The cure for ALS can vary depending on how advanced it is and how much damage a person has received from FDA treatments. THe best thing you can do is take the step to prevent ALS from happening which is the same as the cure mention next. What your going to want to do to cure ALS is take the 90 Essential Nutrient by Dr Joel Wallach. The 90 is a must as there are around 10 diseases or ailments tied to each of the 90 different vitamins and minerals. It will dramatically increase your overall health along with living longer and is a must for preventing all birth defects or just about everything that people suffer from. The next thing you gonna want to do is eat eggs for proteins and healthy cholesterol to help rebuild brain matter along with many other parts of the body. Also stick to the goods food from the list and stay away from bad foods as they will hurt you the more you eat.

This information is well known in many groups, but is completely ignored by the FDA as they refuse to use nutrition for cures as it doesn’t make as much money and looks to be parts of a population control scheme along with some devil worshiping. The facts that the FDA is allowed to use murderous treatments instead of cheap cures is complete terrorism, high treason and more horrific then Adolf Hitler. TO think that no matter who you are kid or president you will be given health care that will end up killing you. Many many famous , rich, political or very important people in the world have doctors that have been mislead at colleges like Oxford intentionally to fill job positions that mislead and hurt people for money and controlling a country. Technically, most of what the FDA says is malpractice since there are cures for many of the things that people suffer from and preventions for most of them using the 90 and eating healthy. Insurance fraud is also another big one that doctors regularly take advantage of. If you see a rich doctor or a hospital putting there name on businesses around town the money they used to make or buy the business probably came from committing tons of insurance fraud. Where is the FBI in all of this madness, probably helping plan the next big 9/11.

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Mar 302018

A Tarrant County District Judge Ruben Gonzalez sentenced Crystal Mason for voting in the 2016 presidential election while on supervised release from prison after being in jail for a years because of tax fraud by inflating prices on clients returns. Ruben Gonzalez shows his hands along with the law system in Texas or at least that county have some serious problems when it comes to human right.

Crystal Mason said that she had no idea that it was illegal for her to vote because she was not a convicted felon. This would have to be the obvious truth because I highly doubt that she would do this on purpose to test is she would get caught or not. This is some serious misunderstanding over hit when it comes to the law and show the judge to be a potentially very corrupt individual hell bent on making money by increasing punishments and is probably involved in covering up police/ States attorney/judge corruption.

There was a interview on 20/20 along time ago about how states attorneys put on average 30% in jail who are innocent. That would mean that many of them are violating the law and show not be able to practice it anymore. Think about it, most states attorneys are breaking the law and technically voiding their law education and ability to practice. Judges are often involved in cases where the police have committed a crime and the judge along with the states attorney will hide evidence or dismiss the cases completely even though laws have been broken. If you the normal citizen commits the same crime you don’t stand a chance in the same court room as they will try to make money off of you. If funny how people go to jail all the ti9me, but none of the money taken by the police via fines is used to pay back victims. I would think that the victim should get most of the money. The law seems to be set up to steal money from the people like a mafia.

Ruben Gonzalez seems to be an extremely stupid evil judge that has very poor human rights like he only sees laws and fines. I bet that if yo u put him in jail he would reduce his sentences in the future if he was still a judge when he got out knowing how horrible it is in jail.

One of the biggest things there not telling you in the United States is that jial are killing people and destroying lives. They seem to be geared to get people back in jail after they have been in jail already or get tied to the system with probation. This would be a fine example since she already was in jail for a years and now has more laws that she has to follow as a result which are meant to make thing hard for people I guess. The water that they make you drink is super poison fracking water that is reducing life expectancy and causing all kinds of new and old disease. The food they give you doesn’t even have close to the amount of nutrition your body needs which is at least the 90 Essential Nutrients. You are not allowed to have nutritional supplements like the 90 that cure and prevent almost everything because the FDA is busy murdering with fake treatment and poison pills. Just on the quality of care and being hurt in a way you don’t deserve most people are being illegally imprisoned, fined, and tortured slowly.

The law system and it’s correction processes has to be ratified massively because it a horrific mess of over hit, greed, human error and straight up criminal judges that should go anywhere near a court room. There is nothing honorable about judge Ruben Gonzalez who seems to be involved in bad law practice and show signs of illegal activity. I would bet money that this judge has a history of judging that could land him in jail.

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Mar 292018

Tyler the Creator Tells Timothée Chalamet on twitter “come get at me”. Timothée is known for his role in the movie Call Me By Your Name which is about to gay kids hooking up over the summer. The movie glamorizes child sex in Hollywood and misleads people about LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) which is preventable with the 90 Essential Nutrients, check videos below for more info on LGTBQ prevention.

Right now there seems to be a slow move forward to hold accountable people in Hollywood and rich people who have been doing horrible things to children for a long time. If you see a kid in a movie there is a good chance that they have been sexually assaulted or worse by people who work in or around the movie set or meeting them at parties or 1 on 1 type meetings. Corry Feldmen was just recently stabbed by apparently hired Mexican killers who were trying to shut him up about exposing the child abuse in Hollywood.

As far as the gay thing goes it seems that there is some kind of malnutrition terrorism taking place across the world where they are hiding the knowledge of nutrition to cure diseases and ailments and instead pushing murderous prescription meds, horrific treatments and making you think that birth defects are just normal. The truth is that the body runs on at least 90 Essential Nutrient say that you don’t suffer from the many health problems that are out there. If you take the 90 Essential Nutrients and eat healthy natural foods you will prevent having a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer baby along with ALL other birth defects, though environmental pollution could reduce your chances. Unfortunately, it looks like if your born with LGBTQ than your kinda stuck with it for the rest of your life though technology could be able to fix it in the future. It seems the FDA is intentionally causing birth defects so that they can profit from them and probably a little population control along with trying to take down America.

Mar 282018

R Kelly is under fire again for apparently brainwashing a 14 child and turning them into a sex slave. If you use your discernment skills you can see a lot of things like just because your music sounds good doesn’t mean your not a horrific person, the music industry is probably saturated with people having their way with children like Hollywood. the FBI are useless once again showing their hands as some kind of lucifer agency protecting the most wicked for some reason. Another big one would be how is BBC still in business after getting caught red handed having inside information about the 9/11 attacks when the BBC reporter said building 7 fell before it actually did which is some of the best evidence to show that 9/11 was an inside job labeling American military, FBI, CIA and others as high treason rogue government and some of the biggest terrorist to ever exist.

Many people are complaining that R Kelly has never gotten in trouble for what he did to under age girls. I don’t see why they don’t at least press charges against him so they can get some of that money he’s got. The thing is that many people around R Kelly are probably doing the same thing. I bet most folks would be surprised to see how many kids are being sexually abused by rich people. It’s so bad that if you see a child in a movie there is a good chance that they were molested by adults around them.

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Mar 272018

Interstitium New Organ are liquid filled ares that are at different locations in the body. I find it kind of hard to believe that someone, especially a FBI type body examiner, would have already found things like this along time ago. I wonder what they have called it up until now?

Another mention is that they may help researchers understand how cancer spreads. It seems that the source of this cancer information is on the side of there are no cures or ways to prevent cancer. I know that you can cure cancer by taking the 90 Essential Nutrient and eating the recommended diet, results may vary though depending on how much damaging treatments you’ve gotten and things like WiFi and cell towers which give of micro wave radiation that damages cells causing cancer and tumors.

If your worried about your Interstitium tahn you should focus on getting all the 90 Essential Nutrients and eating better as this is the biggest impacter when it comes to longevity. The 90 is also well known for curing and preventing many to most diseases and ailments. If taken properly you will also prevent all birth defects when used before and during pregnancy.

The FDA is working over time to deliver treatment scams systems when they make sure to hide cure information when they can. How can the head of health in a country choose to hurt people instead of helping them. Unfortunately, in America they health and food is worse than Hitler. Hopefully some day soon they will eliminate organizations like the FDA who kill people for profit with systems that actually make people strong and healthy.

Check the video below for a tons of cures and health information to stay healthy and live longer including raising your IQ.

Interstitium Wiki

New Organ





Mar 262018

Zeke Upshaw’s death is something that happens a lot in the sports area and other places that have lots of exercise. For some reason which seems to be population control or satan worshiping the colleges don’t teach how to heal the body easy with nutrition. The FDA and many others are hiding many cures and insist on using treatment that cause all kind of problems. Check the video below for a ton of health information including lots of cures and prevention.

It seems that sports is being used for population control as they ignore nutrition for prevention and instead hope that something happens so the medical industry can make money and probably to keep live expectancy down. Gatorade apparently only has 2 nutrients when the body require over 100 to keep the body running optimal. It seem they are intentionally feeding athletes miss information about nutrition to hurt them. Are hospital around here called Sanford has spent lots of money investing in sports domes and getting involved in sports for all ages. This shows that they are aware of how nutrition works and are taking advantage of people using sports propaganda.

The best thing you can drink for an athlete right now is suppose to be Rebound which has over 100 vitamins and minerals that will prevent all kinds of health issues that come from sports and over exertion. One of the things that they refuse to teach people is that when you sweat all kinds of nutrition is leaving your body through the sweat. Drinking things like all water, Gatorade or Powerade will result in you suffering from health issues sooner in life from depleting your body of nutrition.

Right now in America there is a huge kill net going on that is taking the lives of many innocent people all in the name of population control and probably satan worshipers. No parts of the government are trying to get of the health information people need to be healthy. The FDA hurts, kills or murders 15 million people a year and that’s not counting the ripple effects from a broken home. This is worse than Hitler and it’s going on right under peoples noses. Many doctors could easily go to jail for life sentences for insurace fraud but nothing happens. They use drugs that cause horrific side effects for more profits as cures which are well know are not allowed to be used. FDA=Hitler+.

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Mar 252018

Many companies have seem to dump the NRA recently over the supposed Parkland shooting in Florida. Many people by now realize that Florida is a corrupt state that has been caught in many false flags which are ment to keep up this terror rising agenda along with gun crimes to take them away. Aside from these school shooting gun crime is pretty low considering how many there are. As far as the school shooting are concerned they have been caught staging false flag school shooting in the past so that means the whole idea is a lie to manipulate you. There was a eye witness that talked to the supposed Parkland shooter while the shooting was going off exposing it as a false flag. Nikolas Cruz the apparent shooter has been injected with very strong and harmful drugs that have left him speechless so he is unable to communicate with others. This is so they can control the narrative. We have never heard anything from the shooter not even his side of the story plus there were no school video tapes presented with proof.

Right now there is a huge campaign moving forward to take the guns from every American so that America can be taken over by rich elite and people who think they are taking place in high jacking the country like many government employees. This whole Florida shooting is part of a badly thought out plan to work together and take guns any way possible even if it means false flags where people get killed. It seems the real picture is a bunch of people who have stolen the government by hiring friends and family over time and they are having a hard time understanding that there aren’t the right man for the job.

There seems to be a lot of politician type people making a fuss that guns need to be taken away, but I highly doubt that they themselves will get ride of their guns or the security they have. Cops kill all kinds of people every year out of fear and when you combine the fact that they hire dumbed down people for cops they really shouldn’t have guns. There should be some kind of more passive catch only technology so nobody gets killed. This probably wont happen as then the military wouldn’t be able to use assassins in the local police, FBI, CIA and others. If there was a really good way to protect your self where nobody got hurt the people in charge of the gun taking false flags and agenda would want you to have them because taking guns away is really about destabilizing America for a takeover.

The FDA as you read is mass murdering massive amounts of innocent people by using treatments that cause all kinds of problems instead of proven natural cures. Right now the FDA is hurting killing and murdering 15 million people a year and thats not including the ripple effect like destroyed families. This is far more horrific the Hitler and what he did. The same people that run the FDA are trying to take guns and that shows your hands as the enemy. Most doctors commit enough insurance fraud to get life sentences in jail, but you never hear about them getting in any trouble.

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