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A DUNIDLE Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. DUNIDLE is an Idle RPG Dungeon Crawler developed by ARATNON – 2D Pixel Game and is available free for download on Android.

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Legendary Artifacts


Ad Free – Every once in awhile dying will trigger an ad to pop up you can avoid the ads by turning off your WiFi or data. The other option is to exit to your home screen then enter the app again and the ad should be gone. If you make any purchase the ads will also be removed.

Equipment – When purchasing chest in the equipment area you can tap the left arrow under the chest to increase the tier and quality of weapon.

Party Upgrades – Be sure to upgrade your party setting for attracting more heroes as this will add more characters to your party so you can make it further into the dungeon. The gold upgrade has quite the payoff as it will dramatically increase the amount of gold found in the dungeon.

Selling Gear – Sell items that you don’t need anymore or that are weak so you can make room in the inventory and a little cash back. Weapons will have the best buy back cost which is about have the purchase price while rings wont get too much of you money back.

Tier 20 Gear Early – You can watch a free gem video after every time you attempt the dungeon. Doing this 21 times will give you enough gems to purchase a Tier 20 weapon for a class that can be used to get extremely far in the dungeon very early in the game. Then pair this weapon with a life steal ring and you will survive along time. The only bad thing about buying a Tier 20 with gems is the weapon will disappear when you prestige so your better off buying a legendary for 200 gems which will stick around after the reset when prestiging.



Build up your parties level and equipment to make it further into the dungeon. Upgrade skills to increase your party size, gold earned, game speed on more. Fight a boss every 10 stages and skip completed stages once gotten far enough. Once upgrade a certain skill you can earn gold while offline and the app is closed.


There are no cheats listed for this games yet.

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A Raid Away Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Raid Away is an RPG Idle Clicker developed by Ruoto Games and is free to download on Android.

Check back to this Raid Away Wiki in the near for updated and new content depending on popularity.

Raid Away Wiki



Ascension – When your weapon tier for your main character Bob The Unwashed reaches 25 you can then use Ascension which will increase all damage, crystal drop chance, walk speed, gold output, ranged and melee damage. It’s best to do this as fast as possible as you will reach the next ascension faster as your stats will be higher across the board.

Free Rubies Codes

  • 30 Free Rubies enter “9900150050”

Glimmering – Every once in awhile you’ll come across an enemy with the word “Glimmering” over it’s head. This means that they will drop a ruby or crystals when defeated.

Maxing Tap Damage – Getting up your tap damage is the key to moving forward in this app. There are a few different things you should do to maximize your damage output. If your having a hard time moving forward than your probably lacking in one of these areas. Your weapon will make the biggest difference when doing damage with taps. Next your gonna want to open up your other players, especially the last one named Zed The Noisy which will increase tap damage with Aura of Flames. Next skills will offer a large boost to DPS and should be upgraded as such unless you wanted to focus on something else. Everything working together will make the biggest difference when trying to max tap damage with the weapon making the most improvement.

Increasing Offline Earning – Offline gold earned is based on the level that you are on. If you choose something that has high level enemies than the gold coins earned will be more.

Weapons – When upgrading your weapons you all need to max sharpness for your main player to increase the tier and move up weapons. Spending money on weapon weight to increase the critical rate can be a waste of coins as it will be reset the next tier anyhow. For your archers this is a different story as you’ll have to upgrade both of their slots to move up a tier making firing rate probably the best to max first.



A very light game coming in at about 20 MB Raid Away! is an RPG Idle Clicker with both online and offline play. Upgrade your party as you move forward through the game. Choose from


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Hustle Castle Potential is a very important part of the game. Without having five stars you wont be able to wear the best weapons, armor, rings and amulets which require a fighter training limit of 100. Fortunately, in Hustle Castle you are able to breed five star babies without having to pay real money, though you can upgrade dwellers that have already been born using diamonds.

Getting Five Star Potential

When you start out the game you’ll find dwellers during the first few mission that will join your castle. After that your going to have to breed your own dwellers using the Living Room. When you combine a man and a woman it will start a timer that can be seen in the Living Room Info menu. After that pregnancy will occur which will take some more time. Then the baby will be born and you’ll have to wait until their first birthday where they turn into a usable character that can be assigned to different castle rooms.

In the beginning you will start with three star dwellers that can be combined to eventually have a four star baby. You then combine you four stars to eventually get a five star. Then you going to want to keep only five star dwellers breeding so you can get the best potential possible.

Your going to wanna make breeding five stars your first priority so you don’t have to retrain fighters which can take a long time in the higher levels. Plus if their levels are too low you wont be able to use better equipment which will stop you from progressing in the game. Your going to want at least 6 of them to fill the Barracks the rest of the rooms don’t need high potential cause they don’t train that high.

For more info on this app visit the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

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For the most part Hustle Castle Strategy is pretty straight forwards, keep upgrading things and try to have the best gear for your level. Unless you spend money you’ll find that some players are really hard to beat and seem over powered. That’s because the gear they have is better which was more than likely gotten from a high level chest or was crafted.

When making your way through the missions map things can get pretty difficult real fast. These spots are where the developer wants you to upgrade your castle and hopefully spend a little money. With time and patience you’ll be able to overcome the hurdle eventually.

Enemy Info – Some stages have monster that attack in weird ways like the back row first or starting with archers. Before you enter a battle you can tap on monsters pictures for information that could help beat them. Bosses are especially unique and can be impossible to beat unless you check out their info like in Hot Ashes where the boss will attack archers first if there are any and then the rest of the back row.

Living Room – The Living Room is one of the most important rooms as it’s were you breed your dwellers including the 5 Star quality ones. Things are pretty straight forward, only put in your highest ranked dwellers for the best results. After awhile you’ll have a castle full of 5 stars. Having 5 star dwellers is very important as it means they will be able to wear the best gear in the game which has a fighting level of 80-100. I t can take some time, but after a week or two you should have quite a few max quality people that you can level up for fighting as it seems to be the only room that will demand a 5 star to get the best out of it.

Invasions – These are battle that will pop up on the map once you have completed an area. They will only last a certain time so you’ll have to get them early. Winning and invasion will reward a chest and completing them all will get you a better chest. Thesee battle are also good for working towards daily quests which will also reward chests.

Protecting Resources – It can be hard to hold onto resources sometimes when other players are ransacking your castle. You can save up chests until you need to make a purchase. This will help with having enough gold for things. The only resources stolen are the ones that have been collected so if you leave stuff in there respective rooms without tapping on them this can protect your goods.

PvP – When fighting other players the person with the best gear will usually win unless you have a better class line up. The resurrection spell can make a huge difference when fight as it will revive dead players once they have fallen and then will be ready again after about 10 seconds. Having more than one resurrection skill can make a huge difference. When you get knocked down your players will get right back up like their unstoppable. Even on weapons that have low DPS rivie can be a big help.

For more information on this app check out the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

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The Hustle Castle Living Room is unlocked pretty early in the game and lets a player combine a male and female to make a new dweller. At the start of the game you find dwellers during stages that are set free, but after a short time your gonna be on your own to breed castle residents.

The first thing to note is that each dwellers has a star rating from 1 to 5. This rating will determine how high of level gear can be equip. Eventually you’ll start to get items that cant be equip because you level is to low putting a limit on crafting and chest items. It’s important to get 5 Star dwellers as they are the only ones that will be able to fight and win in the end game stages and PvP. When you get low quality people it’s best to send them from the castle so you can have many high quality ones. To get ride of someone go into their equip menu and tap the small button on the upper right side of the heads. This will let you send them away or rename them.

Getting 5 Star dwellers isn’t that hard you just need a little patients. The best thing you can do is always breed in the living room with you highest ranked folks so you can be sure to have the best outcome. You can upgrade current dwellers using diamonds though that can get expensive fast, plus getting 5 stars isn’t really that hard it just takes time.

When breeding you can see the timers by tapping the Living Rooms info button and by looking at a players equip screen. There is a cooldown period of about 1 day after having a child. Your gonna have to tap the females to have a child and then your gonna have to tap the birthday cake over the childs head to grow them into an adult.

There a few different ways to couple people together. First you can have one male for one female then switch out the females once they get pregnant. This is the fastest way to have kids, but you might not have that high of quality dwellers to keep a consistent good outcome. The second way is to have only one male and then the rest females. If you leave them in the room they will automatically continue breeding after the cooldown timers have reset. This can be the best way when your short on high ranked people.

The main goal is to get a castle full of rank 5 people so you can reach the highest levels and wear the best gear. For more information on this app check out the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

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Hustle Castle Dreadful Barrier is another stage that has the difficulty turned up so your gonna have to upgrade things possibly to make it past. The developers are probably hoping that you throw some money at them at these points.

It may take some time, but as long as you keep upgrading things and improving your gear every hurdle can be gotten past in Hustle Castle, even the Dreadful Barrier.

Dreadful Barrier Walkthrough & Guide


Enemy Info – Before entering a stage when your looking at the line up of enemies you can tap on their pictures for more detailed information on them. When you know their strengths and weaknesses you might have to switch your party around to fit the winning battle set up.

Fighter Level – Making sure your fighter level is maxed out is very important. This will allow you to equip the best gear when you find it so it’s not hanging around in the inventory.

Gear – Do your have the best gear for your fighter level equip? When coming to stages that are overly difficult it usually means that you’re over do for upgrading gear and rooms that have been around for awhile. Use the crafting stations to get better weapons and armor. You can also defeat invaders and complete daily quests for chests and hope that you get something good.

Rank – Are you using 5 Star ranked dwellers? If not you should definitely be breeding in attempts to get them so you can wear the better items. The problem with using dwellers that aren’t 5 Stars is that you will have to train another charter again which will take some time. If your using dwellers for fighting that have 2 or less stars than you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Resurrection – Having a mage with the resurrection spell that comes on weapons can be a huge help. As soon as a teammates HP runs out he will be raised back from the dead with a little bit of health. Then there is about a 10 second cooldown where the mage will be able to cast the spell again. When you add 2 or more mages with this spell it’s hard to take a party down unless the enemies are targeting the back row. You gonna want a couple tank fighters up from to keep the enemies from attacking the back row.

For more info on this app check out the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips and walkthroughs.

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Hustle Castle Happiness Bonus will give you extra earnings when it comes to resources by 2%, 5% and 20% for premium players. There are different ways to earn happiness listed below and over time it will go down. You might even see smiley faces going from your players picture to different dwellers in the castle, this is the happiness going down.

For more info check out the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

How to Increase Happiness

  1. Tap the speech bubbles over dwellers heads for a small amount. Over time your dwellers will get bubbles over their heads with different symbols. All will ad happiness bonus while some will give you diamonds too. If you wait long enough you’ll be able to fill your gauge to max before too long.
  2. Giving birth will grant a large amount of happiness. As soon as the little baby pops out you’ll get a large boost.
  3. When a baby is ready to grow up and has a birthday cake over their head you’ll get some for tapping them.
  4. Winning battles both on the story map and PvP. Loosing battles doesn’t seem to reduce it.

There is no negative bonus for having unhappy dwellers just that you want get resources as fast. You can view what you have by tapping the character picture in the to right corner of your castle.

Dec 012017

Hustle Castle crafting is a way to make your own gear instead of having to rely on chests for random loot. When starting out none of the rooms will be available, but as you move up in levels you’ll slowly be able to place them for a hefty price.

For more info visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Crafting How To Guide

There are 3 different rooms that you can build for crafting equipment from weapons and armor to rings and amulets. Each will let you make items that are Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The only thing that you need to craft are shards and mana. Shards are gotten from breaking down gear that you don’t need anymore. You’ll get one shard per item and the quality will depend on the quality of the item broken down. You can also buy shards at the portal shop for Dark Souls. Mana is gotten from the mana well and is a resource that can be stolen by other players.

When you are able to make gear you should try and replace your weakest gear. The level and stats of a created item will be random, it’s type is chosen before the crafting process. The higher quality the item the better the stat, but also the higher fighter level is required to equipped it.

Having 5 Star dwellers in the fighting area is a must. They will be able to equip gear that has a level requirement of 80-100 and without them you wont be able to reach the harder areas of the game. Check out this 5 Star breeding guide to help with the Living Rooms reproduction. It’s pretty simple though, just breed with your best dwellers and eventually you’ll start getting 5 Star quality.

Weapons Workshop

For weapons crafting this workshop is the way to go for all your attack needs. Here you can make melee, ranged and magic weapons. This is the first crafting station unlocked and should be used to replace any low level gear so you can defend your castle.

Armor Workshop

The Armor Workshop will allow you to make armor for fighter, rangers and mages.

Jewelry Workshop

The Jewelry Workshop will allow you to make rings and amulets.


Recipes are not yet available, but are suppose to be in one of the next updates according to the message in the crafting stations.

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Hustle Castle Pets are available in the Market under the Miscellaneous tab and must be purchased using real money for $12.99 USD unless you have a code to be redeemed. Not including the Goblin Assistant there are 3 different pets to choose from a Cute Labrador, a Cute Beagle and a Fluffy Cat. The pets don’t do anything special besides walking around the castle looking bored. You can view other players pets when visiting their castles though you may have to hunt around for them.

They cant be equipped with any items and they don’t offer any bonuses when it come to producing resources. They wont even help when invaders come knocking at the front gate. So what are pets good for you ask? Just for looks it seems. You can purchase more than one or all 3 if you want to.

Hustle Castle Pets

Goblin Assistant

The Goblin Assistant with gather resources before they get filled to the max. He will also help train dwellers by tapping their complete icon so they can train for the next level. If you have the diamonds to spare this little guy can help things run more smoothly when it comes to upgrading players if your going to be away from the app for awhile. The resource collection can be a good or bad thing. Rooms can fill up fast, but it will usually take 10 hours or more to max out a resource room. The down side is that you wont be able to store resources in there respective rooms without tapping on them. This leave more for invader to take when they come knocking at the front gate. Training seems to be the biggest help as they can go up level while your sleeping or away for awhile.

Cute Labrador

A cute Labrador dog that walks around the castle aimlessly looking for something to do. This dog is just for looks and won’t help around the castle beside fill up space, mystery solved.

Cute Beagle

A cute beagle dog that will keep dwellers company as they tend to their castle duties. This pet wont do anything special accept walk around looking for something to do.

Fluffy Cat

A fluffy cat that roams the castle walls purring as it goes. This cat is just for looks and wont do anything special, not even chase off a mouse that will attack rooms from time to time.

For more related info check out the Hustle Castle Wiki.

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In Hustle Castle you can merge rooms to group similar rooms together which will turn them both into one room. This is a short walkthrough to help out with the process. Merging can be a good thing for collecting resources as you wont have to tap the screen too many times. It can be a bad things when it comes to upgrading costs as they may be too higher for you current level. You’ll also have to make sure that there are not emergencies in the castle like fires or ghost. These can easily be dealt with before building.

For more info check out the Hustle Castle Wiki.

How To Merge Rooms

To merge room both will have to be the same level and type, then all you have to do is place the rooms next to each other and they will combine automatically. This will create a new graphic that has different room features and looks. You don’t get any bonuses for doing this as the combines room is the same as if it were broken into pieces.

Merged rooms can make it easier to move things around in editor mode along with making collecting resources faster. When Breeding Dwellers having combined rooms will allow for one male to breed with 3 females and you can leave them in there to keep doing so. All rooms will have to be placed before you leave the editor. Make sure to hit the save button to confirm the changes.

How To Divide Rooms

Once rooms have been merged they can be divided again. You can enter the castle editor through the Throne Room or by long pressing on a room. Once inside the editor simply select the room you would like to divide and select divide. You have to place the room in another place or it will automatically combine again.

Dividing rooms is useful for upgrading them at a reduced price. When rooms are combined it will add up upgrade cost for all rooms and put them together. This can make it way more expensive that your current level will allow for an upgrade. Instead of waiting a long time to upgrade the necessary rooms to have enough to upgrade you can just break the room into smaller pieces which will be much cheaper to improve.