Apr 062018

The whole border things is a huge false flag. The military has the ability to put up walls very fast and could have the whole Mexican- US border under control in a few months. Yet they pretend to have no way of keeping things under control. The Canada border is heavily guarded and if you try to get across it you probably going to get caught, but not the south border as it is magically open.

This whole run for the border thing was apparently done by Obama to sneak ISIS type people into the country probably for terrorism purposes. The government probably easily is already tracking the borders and see every person who crosses it. They probably already have the whole world tagged with nano tracking and know your going across the border before you do.

They fact that they are sending folks down to the border to help out means that maybe Trump is trying to do something about it while he gets absolutely no help from the part of the US government that has super high tech or easy solution. If this was they case than you can say that the gov is wasting money by pretending to keep the border open assigning troops to it. Keeping the border open the way it is seems to be part of some destabilizing tactic or maybe a Noah’s Ark.

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