Apr 092018

Michael Cohen, Trumps longtime lawyer, was just raided by the FBI which all made possible by a supposed federal judge. This is definitely some kind of false flag or complete misuse of the l;aw system. First off, Obama got caught with a gay guy in the back of a limo smoking crack having fellatio performed on him and nothing ever happened from it. But with Trump thing are completely reversed showing some kind of fued going on in the gov. Where was this so called federal judge when Obama was using illegal drugs committing adultery while he was president? This shows the federal judge to be a gateway or loop hole for getting things do0ne when it comes to political manipulation. All though there is the chance that the gov is doing this intentionally for Trump which is some how beneficial towards him, but I doubt it.

Was thing is for sure though and that is when compared to what obama did this is almost nothing Stormy Daniels and the FBI seems to be making a major out of a minor which is a waste of money. The FBI will probably get all kinds of names of people who illegally payed for sexual action, but will only hold a few accountable if any. The funny thing is the FBI already might know many of the people involved with Stormy Daniels and have choose not to act on the information letting crime grow and criminals get rich.

It seems that a lot of what we are told publicly by the FBI is potentially huge lie to move there agenda or intentions forward as it seems the police can break any law to get what they want. The only problem with this is they seem to be making the most horrible people that have ever existed rich beyond their wildest dreams along with massive control that is used to terrorize the whole planet, everything on it and and probably very soon the whole universe.

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