Mar 202018

At first look this shooting seems to be the real deal, but how did it happen? It seems this is the purpose of advertising school shootings all over the news. They want to take advantage of young impressionable teens to break the law and then use that to take guns so they can shut down America turning it into a huge slave camp more than it already is.

If you where following the Florida school shooting that happen just recently you would know that they got caught staging a false flag. Teachers thought that they would use blanks in the drill an there was an eye witness that said she saw the supposed shooter in the hall with other students while the shooting was taking place. This blow the lid of the Florida shooting exposing it as false flag. You may also remember the night club shooting where many gays died. It later came out that Florida police barricaded the door and murdered all of the clubers. Florida is a corrupt state that has their hands in high treason behavior and you will probably see Trump go after them in time.

You can tell the difference between a real shooting and a fake one by how many victims there are. In Florida there where many victims while in Maryland there was only 2. Florida was a false flag shooting done by someone with military experience or could have been local law reinforcement and with there training were able to murder many more students.

The MSM and many others attempting to take guns are showing their hands way more than they probably want to and they are caught red handed trying to single out guns specifically to remove them for something other then guns crimes. It probably has to due with the fact that most of the US Government is full of criminals that keep their mouths shut when they see crimes so they can keep their jobs and so the CIA or FBI doesn’t murder their families. It’s well known that agencies like the FBI and CIA are variable in that the newbies will be assigned to basic crime while they are conditioned to move up the ranks where they will end up doing horrific acts towards others in attempt to hide government and elite corruption. Government “Employees” are high on stealing money from the American people and and seem to need help with there addiction to it which they don’t want and why they need to take guns so they can feel safer as they are technically dead man and woman walking as their crimes are the worse in history.

Let’s put the school shooting into focus. The damage done by REAL school shootings (Not False Flags) is far far less then many other things in America that are destroying lives like the FDA hiding Cures and the 90 Essential Nutrients using only treatments that don’t work and injure or kill 15 MILLION people a year. How about car crashes which is a result of the government holding back micro particle technology that would make cars unbreakable. The US military is dumping all kinds of poison in to the air and ground destroying the whole planet and everything on it. Fracking which could only occur when they removed some pollution laws, why won’t people involved with fracking drink the surrounding ground water? These are just a few of the long list of things going wrong with the world that the MSM (High Treason News) refuses to report on that makes the school shooting look like and agenda to take guns in an attempt to take America over completely by greedy elite and outside of America influences like England and China.

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