Mar 122018

It looks as though the Leftists are suing Alex Jones for questioning the Charlottesville MSM PR Campaign. Alex has said a lot of things about the false flags that occur which MSM seems to be directly involved in and nothing has really come of it until now. Why now? It seems like Infowars has been under attack lately with law suits, YouTube channel strikes and a bombing in his home town which all seem suspicious since there happening so close together. It could be that Trump is proving effective against evil in this world and they are kicking and screaming on their way out.

To sue Alex Jones for questioning the official story hasn’t happened until now, years after he has shined light on many false flags and obvious government corruption. This could mean they are really feeling the pressure from somewhere and are having some kind of overload say they hit back naturally.

Alex is a pretty big deal with his super helpful products that are far better and beyond than FDA poison chemicals along with his spear tip information and news. To attack him for something that he is saying makes the attackers look even more like they are up to no good. As far as MSM is concerned they really haven’t been charging anyone for treason lately which MSM seems to be overly involved in.

This is also a major indicator of corruption in Virginia. Great, another state full of knowledgeless, compartmentalized zombie staff that feel the need to hit people trying to make the world a better place. How did they get their job and why do they still have it right.

It’s seems to be a new tactic when it comes to false flags as they seem to be having a hard time making everyone believe the chaos is real and not some corporate takeover attempt.

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