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A Land of Legends Wiki with Tips, Guides, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more depending on popularity. Land of Legends is a Role Playing game developed by XYRALITY GmbH and is available free for download on Android.

Check back in the near future for new and updated content.

Land of Legends Wiki


So far there has been no guides listed for Land of legends, but check back soon since the game is still very new.


Blade Master






Free Gold – You can get free gold in the Storage area. It will have a cooldown before it can be collected again.

Join an Order – You can join my order called the “Dragon Blade” without the quotes or feel free to leave the name of your order in the comments.

Loading Issues – This app is still pretty new and lots of the time it seems to have problems loading the game. The only option at this point is to just keep on trying. At first it didnt work for me, but later everything was working fine. The game is pretty fun so if your looking for something good to play iI would be patient as they should fix the problems soon hopefully.

Traps – When on the battlefield some spots where you place your units will be red. These spots are the target of enemy skills and units placed here will take more damage.


Moving forward through the game is pretty straight forward. Complete missions untill you can’t go any further then upgrade units in the lair and equipment at the forge. It’s a good idea to make sure your upgrading things as fast as possible and not waiting until you hit a dead end. Things have timers and you’ll want to get them started as soon as possible to keep the game flowing. When it comes to earning experience you can only get it in good amounts once from a mission, then you’ll have to replay to get smaller amounts. So if your worried about leveling up moving forward is your only option.


There are currently no Land of Legends cheats listed. If you have any feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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