Apr 182018

Kelly Jones has just recently given an interview giving away a lot of information about the divorce with Alex Jones. Things went as expected as Kelly literally had nothing nice to say about Alex which makes her looks like a very unhappy person which could be understandable in this situation as her kids seem to want nothing to do with her. One of her biggest mistakes during the interview is talking about how Alex’s supplements on his site are completely useless which is a total lie as they are actually the best stuff you can get online, like the 90 Essential Nutrients that can prevent all birth defects and problems that effects people along with curing a ton of stuff.

Most of the videos on David Pakmans (Fake News) YouTube channel don’t have any views while the one with Kelly talking complete blasphemy about Alex is getting almost a half million views. This looks to be highly illegal manipulation terrorism in the search engines that is meant to bring down or discredit InfoWars which seems to match up with the many fake law suits Alex is currently being attacked with. David Pakman also said that Alex products have been completely discredited and is a horrific lie when many of those product are actually the best on the earth, FAAAAR beyond the mass murderous FDA.

It’s hilarious how Alex’s ex-wife has no idea why he might act crazy sometimes or get frustrated with things like 9/11. Does she have no idea what AJ does all day? UIs she completely unawares of the many layers of mass murder talking place in the world and US today like the FDA with a no cure policy? If the only complaints she has against Alex is being angry at Satan than that probably means that nothing ever really happened in the marriage with Alex, but more likely there was a red woman problem. Kelly seems to have a huge problem with her son working for Alex and especially at such a young age. Dear Kelly, InfoWars is one of the best places on earth with it’s holy spear tip info and far better than FDA healing products, your son working there is a blessing not a disappointment.

In the video Kelly shows herself to be almost completely incompetent or in full lie hit back mode for not being able to have her kids and train them to do nothing with their lives. Unfortunately, when a relationship heads for the worst someone has to take the kids and it should be the most helpful and guidful and in this case Alex is by far the winner and probably why he won the kids.

Another thing to note is that these guy have spend over 6 million dollars in the family feud which is got to expose how the law is steal from people because that is way more money than it should take to split up. It seems the gov has been geared to break up families and than profit greatly from the divorce proceeding and child custody. On the governments part this looks to be some kind of terrorist to prevent normal citizens from holding the rich and giv accountable. Lying judges and lawyers are getting payed too much when they should be in jail or out of a job, 1776!!!

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