Nov 252017

A Jurassic Survival Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Jurassic Survival is an Action MMORPG game developed by Mishka Production and is available free for download on Android.

Check back to this Jurassic Survival Wiki soon for even more information depending on popularity.

Jurassic Survival Wiki



Change Player Name – You can put in a custom name by tapping the pencil icon next to your name in the inventory.

Double Tap – Moving items to Boxes fast by double tapping on the item. This with transfer it to a container without having to drag it across the screen.

Pausing the App – Your food and water statistic will go down and down while playing this app. Even when closing the app by going to a different part of your phone it will still go down. This will result in death and the dropping of all your items that you were carrying. The only way to pause the app that I know of is to go into the map selection area by leaving the side of a map area.

PvP – You will come across different player when you head out into surrounding areas. They will spawn randomly and will start attacking right away. I don’t think that it’s a real person, but their stats in a computer.


The main goal of the game is to level up to unlocked new blueprints and use them to destroy all of the dinosaurs. You gain experience by doing various tasks like gathering, mining, tree cutting, bush grabbing along with many other actions. You’ll get more experience fighting dinosaurs and other players than anything else though it will ruin weapons and armor along with HP.

In the beginning you can build a house by first laying a floor from bamboo, then placing walls and a door section. When placing workbenches along with other crafting stations they will need to be placed on a floor tile and not the bare ground. Your gonna need to build a house so other players wont steal your things.

Death is pretty easy in this game as you will run out of food and water pretty fast just by completing a few things. A good tactic is to keep your stuff in a chest back at the spawn point, then make runs for new stuff every time you re-spawn. If you have to rely on food and water every time their isn’t going to be enough. The best thing you can do is go as far as you can without dying then head back before you run out of food and water.


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