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A Tarrant County District Judge Ruben Gonzalez sentenced Crystal Mason for voting in the 2016 presidential election while on supervised release from prison after being in jail for a years because of tax fraud by inflating prices on clients returns. Ruben Gonzalez shows his hands along with the law system in Texas or at least that county have some serious problems when it comes to human right.

Crystal Mason said that she had no idea that it was illegal for her to vote because she was not a convicted felon. This would have to be the obvious truth because I highly doubt that she would do this on purpose to test is she would get caught or not. This is some serious misunderstanding over hit when it comes to the law and show the judge to be a potentially very corrupt individual hell bent on making money by increasing punishments and is probably involved in covering up police/ States attorney/judge corruption.

There was a interview on 20/20 along time ago about how states attorneys put on average 30% in jail who are innocent. That would mean that many of them are violating the law and show not be able to practice it anymore. Think about it, most states attorneys are breaking the law and technically voiding their law education and ability to practice. Judges are often involved in cases where the police have committed a crime and the judge along with the states attorney will hide evidence or dismiss the cases completely even though laws have been broken. If you the normal citizen commits the same crime you don’t stand a chance in the same court room as they will try to make money off of you. If funny how people go to jail all the ti9me, but none of the money taken by the police via fines is used to pay back victims. I would think that the victim should get most of the money. The law seems to be set up to steal money from the people like a mafia.

Ruben Gonzalez seems to be an extremely stupid evil judge that has very poor human rights like he only sees laws and fines. I bet that if yo u put him in jail he would reduce his sentences in the future if he was still a judge when he got out knowing how horrible it is in jail.

One of the biggest things there not telling you in the United States is that jial are killing people and destroying lives. They seem to be geared to get people back in jail after they have been in jail already or get tied to the system with probation. This would be a fine example since she already was in jail for a years and now has more laws that she has to follow as a result which are meant to make thing hard for people I guess. The water that they make you drink is super poison fracking water that is reducing life expectancy and causing all kinds of new and old disease. The food they give you doesn’t even have close to the amount of nutrition your body needs which is at least the 90 Essential Nutrients. You are not allowed to have nutritional supplements like the 90 that cure and prevent almost everything because the FDA is busy murdering with fake treatment and poison pills. Just on the quality of care and being hurt in a way you don’t deserve most people are being illegally imprisoned, fined, and tortured slowly.

The law system and it’s correction processes has to be ratified massively because it a horrific mess of over hit, greed, human error and straight up criminal judges that should go anywhere near a court room. There is nothing honorable about judge Ruben Gonzalez who seems to be involved in bad law practice and show signs of illegal activity. I would bet money that this judge has a history of judging that could land him in jail.

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