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Jesus Christ Superstar is a play that has been around for awhile now and like a lot of Jesus propaganda they completely avoid his healing abilities and how you can do almost the same thing by using nutrition like the 90 Essential Nutrients. The FDA try’s very hard to hide cures as most of them are nutrition which can’t be copyrighted for more money. Right now the FDA is committing mostly malpractice instead of being the so called healers they advertise themselves to be. They refuse to use cures and instead push murderous treatments which makes them look like some kind of 1776 British/China invasion, terrorist or satan worshipers.

You can use the 90 Essential Nutrients to prevent all birth defects if you take it before, during and after pregnancy to make sure your child is always getting the right amount of nutrition. Your also going to want to eat the right foods from the Good/Bad food list. It seems that in the United States doctors are not being taught that you can prevent every birth effect very easily with nutrition. They instead seem to hide the info intentionally to cause birth defects so they can make money of the life time of the person born with a birth defect. This is an absolute horrific thing that is worse than what Hitler did and it’s going on right now in the US.

The 90 is a must for everyone and you should stat taking it as soon as possible. I started taking it when I had gotten arthritis in my elbows after healing from an accident. I could barely sleep on my side, but when I started taking the 90 it went away in 2 days. Most people will get a great benefit from it though some of them depending of level of health problems will get huge results trigger a possible light situation where people feel like they are hit with light on the inside. This is just a body in dire need for the correct micro particles and letting you know that your doing the right thing.

Check the video below for a ton of cure information or you can search Google for cures just make sure you add Dr. Joel Wallach to your search query or Google will try and hide the cure from you.

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