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If your wonder is Dr Joel Wallach stile alive the answer to that question as of this post is yes. Thankfully Wallach is still with the living and hopefully will be for along time to come. I’ve heard Wallach talk about new born babies getting the 90 Essential Nutrients and a healthy diet living 200 years plus. I would be willing to bet that he will find immortality or something close to it sometime soon or before he kicks the bucket.

Wallach was born on June 4, in 1940 and is currently 76 years old. One of his biggest discoveries is was published in a text book called Diseases of Exotic Animals. Working with other people they found out that when an animal or human dies from natural causes it’s because of nutritional deficiency of some kind. That is a huge finding for life on planet earth and we can finally start to put all that witch craft and quack doctor information behind us.

Unfortunately, the FDA and others like them are having a hard time letting go of their ill practices and misguided teachings. Take fertility for example, the 90 Essential Nutrients is said to prevent all birth defects when taken with a healthy diet during pregnancy and after birth. Yet the main stream medical industry still has pediatricians giving mothers to be the wrong information causing birth defects. At this point in the game it has to be done on purpose to make money. Only it’s not making money, but stealing hard earned money from innocent people looking for help in the wrong place. They say one of the most dangerous places to be in this day and age is in a hospital.

With the FDA not having any cures for disease besides antibiotics and only using treatments to profit long term it has to come to an end eventually. The system is doomed to fail with a seemingly endless bath of wrong answers propped up with title blindness and greed. When a person like me who is not a doctor has more information then a doctor something is very wrong with the education process. It seems like there only goal is to make lots of money over long periods of time like a mafia or organized crime bracket.

It’s time to put the cures and knowledge of Dr. Joel Wallach up against the medical industry and publicly see who is the best. It seems like all of the donations go towards cruel treatments and useless jobs when the cures are ignored for money sake. Health is one thing that should not be profited on like just another product. If we were healthier it would improve all aspects of life making the world more profitable undoubtedly. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to give someone a treatment when there is a cure on the table, but the law never seems to go after the problems in this situation. I guess the FBI has it’s hands tied being ever so selective of the criminals they hold accountable and the Sheriffs awareness is cloudy at best. Wouldn’t it be nice if there where things like laws that could stop criminals from committing crimes and help them when they do.

Being a doctor is suppose to be one of the biggest titles out there. You gotta go to school for a long time and pay a lot of money for your education. But the way doctors are just making money on prescription meds like a drug dealer on the corner and unneeded surgeries they sadly fall very short of their high title illusions. Never has it been so easy to go to school for an education on how to be a psycho killer.

For more information on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

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