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Into The Dead 2 is developed by PikPok and available free for Android and iOS.

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Into The Dead 2 tips to help you out with insight.

Ammo – Conserve ammo for when you have to shoot your way through some zombies unless your trying to meet goals. By Using the Border Collie you can increase the amount of ammo crates found during a run, this can be useful for stages with lots of zombies and help meet achievements goals during a run.


T he main goal in stages is to run forward will trying to avoid zombies. Each level will have a different set up as far as where things are located which makes sense since your moving on a map things will never be the same.

Each stage will have a distance needed to run that will increase as you move forward through the game. You will die and the run will end when touching a zombie or running into something. Unlock new weapons by completing stages, then tapping there blueprint and building them.


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Download Into The Dead 2 using the link below:

Into The Dead 2 Download on Google Play for Android

Into The Dead 2 Download on iTunes for iOS

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