Mar 272018

Interstitium New Organ are liquid filled ares that are at different locations in the body. I find it kind of hard to believe that someone, especially a FBI type body examiner, would have already found things like this along time ago. I wonder what they have called it up until now?

Another mention is that they may help researchers understand how cancer spreads. It seems that the source of this cancer information is on the side of there are no cures or ways to prevent cancer. I know that you can cure cancer by taking the 90 Essential Nutrient and eating the recommended diet, results may vary though depending on how much damaging treatments you’ve gotten and things like WiFi and cell towers which give of micro wave radiation that damages cells causing cancer and tumors.

If your worried about your Interstitium tahn you should focus on getting all the 90 Essential Nutrients and eating better as this is the biggest impacter when it comes to longevity. The 90 is also well known for curing and preventing many to most diseases and ailments. If taken properly you will also prevent all birth defects when used before and during pregnancy.

The FDA is working over time to deliver treatment scams systems when they make sure to hide cure information when they can. How can the head of health in a country choose to hurt people instead of helping them. Unfortunately, in America they health and food is worse than Hitler. Hopefully some day soon they will eliminate organizations like the FDA who kill people for profit with systems that actually make people strong and healthy.

Check the video below for a tons of cures and health information to stay healthy and live longer including raising your IQ.

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