Nov 202017

A Hustle Castle Walkthrough and Guide to help answer any questions you might have about certain castle rooms.

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Hustle Castle Walkthrough & Guide

Barracks – This is where you should place dwellers before going out to battle and to protect your resources when your not playing. It will upgrade so you can have a max number of 6 castle dwellers to protect your investments. You’ll need to use the Fighter Training Room to increase their fighting level so they can equip better gear. This is the most important room when it comes to have 5 Star dwellers as they can only be upgraded according to their star rank. Unless you plan on spending diamonds to raise rank your gonna want to breed 5 Stars in the Living Room. Having less than 5 star rankings is kind of a waste as you’ll have to upgrade new residents when you get stronger ones. I would start to breed the highest ranking you can as early as you can as to avoid wasting too much time in the long run.

Squad Power level can be raised a little bit by training and lots by putting on strong equipment. The best way to increase squad Power is to create weapons and armor for the areas that you’re lacking in.

Dining Hall – This is where you’ll produce all the food you need for story missions and PvP. When placing a new Dining Hall section you will increase the cost of doing missions and PvP, keep this in mid when upgrading as you might not be ready for the hike in battle food costs. Food is the most abundant resource of them all with the food filling up pretty fast.

Living Room – This is where you combine a male and female dwellers to produce a new dweller. You want to try for people with high star counts, like 4 or 5. When you get a low star ranked castle population you should let them go and try or a higher rank if you can afford 2. You can have only one male in the living room while the rest of the spaces are filled with females, this will insure the fastest rate of reproduction unless you want to switch out the females when their pregnant as this would be faster and more tedious.

Always use the highest star rankings to breed as they will have the best out come. In the beginning you will have only 3 star ranked dwellers. When breeding the 3’s together you should get a 4 in around 10 trys or so. As soon as you get a 4 start include him or her in the breeding process. Your gonna want two 4 stars for the best chance at getting the coveted 5 Star ranking. Having a high ranked male is better when breeding as you’ll have more chances at get higher ranked offspring.

After getting at least one 5 Star male you should keep him for breeding. Then you want to put the rest of the males in fighting as they will be able to increase their fighting level to 100 where they can use the best gear in the game. Next use all the woman for breeding unless you have extra where you can use them for fighting too or other places in your castle.

Vault – This will increase the max amount of gold you can store. It will need to be upgraded as you move ahead in the game as things will get pretty expensive.

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