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Below is a growing list of Hustle Castle Tips and Tricks along with other things like hints, guides, how to’s and more.

There’s more related info just check the Hustle Castle Wiki for more guides, tips, walkthroughs and a long list of other things.

Hustle Castle Tips and Tricks

Crafting – Crafting is a great way to replace gear that has low stats and can be improved upon. You can get crafting materials by breaking down equipment that you don’t need anymore. This is the best place to get Legendary quality items though they can take awhile to save up for. I can be a good idea to save some of the craft materiel for when you level up further through fighter training.

Getting Five Star Potential Dwellers without real money – There are 2 ways to get the highest ranked dweller in the game. The first is to combine males and females in the Living Room to make babies that grow up into five star adults. The second way is to upgrade the ones you already have using diamonds which can be expensive.

When using the Living Rooms it’s best to use your highest ranked dwellers in the duplication process. You can use two 3 stars to get a four star and so forth. Your going to want at least 6 Five Star residents so they can train to the highest levels which is 100 and wear the best gear. Without 6 of the highest ranked heroes ou wont be able to make it to the later stages in the game.

Happiness – When your Happiness is high you can get earning bonuses when producing resources by 2%, 5% and 20% for premium players. There are several different ways to raise your happiness which will go down after time.

  1. The first is to tap the bubbles that appear over your dwellers heads in the castle. Each one will produce a small amount and has the chance of giving you free diamonds.
  2. When you have a baby and when the baby grows up into a usable adult form you’ll get a large amount.
  3. Completing construction of castle rooms will net you some.

How To Merge Rooms – You can merge more than one room together to form a larger room. They only have to be the same level and type than all you have to do is place them next to each other. You can always divide the room again in the castle editor which can be useful for cheaper sectional upgrading. Merging will help when it comes to collecting resources as you wont have to tap the screen so much when collecting them.

Protecting Resources – Unless you have a higher power rating for your level bracket your probably going to have lots of people trying to steal your resources. One way to protect them is to keep them in the room that generates them. This will make sure that invaders don’t get everything you have when they do get through your defenses. You want to be careful you don’t spend that much times maxed out or you’ll end up wasting stuff.

Resurrection – Having the resurrection spell can be a big help when you have problems with fighter dying too fast in battle. If you have more than one caster of resurrection like say 2 or 3 than your chances of survival will go up good when you have tanks at the front line.

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