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For the most part Hustle Castle Strategy is pretty straight forwards, keep upgrading things and try to have the best gear for your level. Unless you spend money you’ll find that some players are really hard to beat and seem over powered. That’s because the gear they have is better which was more than likely gotten from a high level chest or was crafted.

When making your way through the missions map things can get pretty difficult real fast. These spots are where the developer wants you to upgrade your castle and hopefully spend a little money. With time and patience you’ll be able to overcome the hurdle eventually.

Enemy Info – Some stages have monster that attack in weird ways like the back row first or starting with archers. Before you enter a battle you can tap on monsters pictures for information that could help beat them. Bosses are especially unique and can be impossible to beat unless you check out their info like in Hot Ashes where the boss will attack archers first if there are any and then the rest of the back row.

Living Room – The Living Room is one of the most important rooms as it’s were you breed your dwellers including the 5 Star quality ones. Things are pretty straight forward, only put in your highest ranked dwellers for the best results. After awhile you’ll have a castle full of 5 stars. Having 5 star dwellers is very important as it means they will be able to wear the best gear in the game which has a fighting level of 80-100. I t can take some time, but after a week or two you should have quite a few max quality people that you can level up for fighting as it seems to be the only room that will demand a 5 star to get the best out of it.

Invasions – These are battle that will pop up on the map once you have completed an area. They will only last a certain time so you’ll have to get them early. Winning and invasion will reward a chest and completing them all will get you a better chest. Thesee battle are also good for working towards daily quests which will also reward chests.

Protecting Resources – It can be hard to hold onto resources sometimes when other players are ransacking your castle. You can save up chests until you need to make a purchase. This will help with having enough gold for things. The only resources stolen are the ones that have been collected so if you leave stuff in there respective rooms without tapping on them this can protect your goods.

PvP – When fighting other players the person with the best gear will usually win unless you have a better class line up. The resurrection spell can make a huge difference when fight as it will revive dead players once they have fallen and then will be ready again after about 10 seconds. Having more than one resurrection skill can make a huge difference. When you get knocked down your players will get right back up like their unstoppable. Even on weapons that have low DPS rivie can be a big help.

For more information on this app check out the Hustle Castle Wiki with guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

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