Dec 062017

This is a Hustle Castle Review with Gameplay video along with other information. When you have the app installed come back to check out our tips and tricks for a little boost to help you out. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is a lot like Fallout Shelter in that you’ll have to place different rooms to build up a castle to it’s former glory. You’ll start out with the princess kidnapped along with the king and your their only hope at returning to the life they once had.

Grow your castle population by combining males and females to create new people that you can assign to different duties around the castle. Rooms will take time to add and upgrade as you build up your castle. Gather resources that are used to upgrade and purchase various things. Protect you resources against castle invaders when they come knocking at the front gate by equipping many different items along with skills and castle defenses.

Upgrade your heroes up to Five Star quality as you train them for fighting and various duties like resources gathering and crafting cooldowns. Craft all kinds of items with qualities like common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

Travel across the world map in search of your princess fighting battles that will only get harder. Protect the kingdom from invasions and receive rewards and chests for doing so. Complete daily quests for all kinds of loot along with a free daily chest to help out a little.

Join others in the Portal gathering dark souls to upgrade themselves even more. Try you luck in the portal by getting as far as you can maybe even landing on the leader board which has it’s rewards.

Purchase a Premium Membership as get bonus loot and many more options that will give you the upper hand in battle. Purchase a pet to help keep you dwellers company around the castle.



Check the Hustle Castle Wiki for more guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot of other stuff.

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