Dec 042017

Hustle Castle Potential is a very important part of the game. Without having five stars you wont be able to wear the best weapons, armor, rings and amulets which require a fighter training limit of 100. Fortunately, in Hustle Castle you are able to breed five star babies without having to pay real money, though you can upgrade dwellers that have already been born using diamonds.

Getting Five Star Potential

When you start out the game you’ll find dwellers during the first few mission that will join your castle. After that your going to have to breed your own dwellers using the Living Room. When you combine a man and a woman it will start a timer that can be seen in the Living Room Info menu. After that pregnancy will occur which will take some more time. Then the baby will be born and you’ll have to wait until their first birthday where they turn into a usable character that can be assigned to different castle rooms.

In the beginning you will start with three star dwellers that can be combined to eventually have a four star baby. You then combine you four stars to eventually get a five star. Then you going to want to keep only five star dwellers breeding so you can get the best potential possible.

Your going to wanna make breeding five stars your first priority so you don’t have to retrain fighters which can take a long time in the higher levels. Plus if their levels are too low you wont be able to use better equipment which will stop you from progressing in the game. Your going to want at least 6 of them to fill the Barracks the rest of the rooms don’t need high potential cause they don’t train that high.

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