Nov 272017

The Hustle Castle Portal or Dark Abyss is located on the map and is accessible when your Throne Room reaches level 6. Once inside you will fight matches for Dark Souls that can be spent at the Portal store.

Check out the Hustle Castle Wiki for Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more.

Portal & Abyss Gate Guide with Tips

How To Play

Everything is on a timer and you will only have so much to complete levels and earn Dark Souls. When the Portal is open you will have the chance to earn Dark Souls that can be spent in the store for all kinds of stuff. After the Portal closes you will have about 1 day or so to spend what you earned, after that it will be deleted and you’ll have to wait for the next Portal to earn more.

Dark Souls

These can be spent at the Portal store for a number of different things. Be warned that they will all dissapear once a portal closes so be sure to spend them all and keep an eye on the countdown timer.


Diamonds – You can by diamonds here without having to use real money. This is a rare feature that most mobile apps don’t implement. The cost is pretty expensive though when it comes to buying in bulk.

Items – This is a great place to get Legendary weapons, epic amulets and rare gear if your able to get far enough. If you don’t have the best items equipped the rares can help fill in the gaps until you find better stuff.

Soul Stealer – This will increase the amount of Dark Souls gotten when completing levels and are purchased with diamonds. These are a geat way to buy things in the store when you hit your limit in difficulty and know how much you can earn for a max. Soul Stealers will not help when climbing the leader board rankings. Once your able to get far enough you’ll able to buy diamonds to purchase these without taking a loss. These do not stack so you can only use one at a time.


To get on the leader boards for a rewards your gonna have to play a lot. Make sure you have the best equipment for your fighter rank so you can be sure to complete a level. Your also gonna need six 5 Star ranked dwellers too so you can equipped the best gear.

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