Dec 012017

Hustle Castle Pets are available in the Market under the Miscellaneous tab and must be purchased using real money for $12.99 USD unless you have a code to be redeemed. Not including the Goblin Assistant there are 3 different pets to choose from a Cute Labrador, a Cute Beagle and a Fluffy Cat. The pets don’t do anything special besides walking around the castle looking bored. You can view other players pets when visiting their castles though you may have to hunt around for them.

They cant be equipped with any items and they don’t offer any bonuses when it come to producing resources. They wont even help when invaders come knocking at the front gate. So what are pets good for you ask? Just for looks it seems. You can purchase more than one or all 3 if you want to.

Hustle Castle Pets

Goblin Assistant

The Goblin Assistant with gather resources before they get filled to the max. He will also help train dwellers by tapping their complete icon so they can train for the next level. If you have the diamonds to spare this little guy can help things run more smoothly when it comes to upgrading players if your going to be away from the app for awhile. The resource collection can be a good or bad thing. Rooms can fill up fast, but it will usually take 10 hours or more to max out a resource room. The down side is that you wont be able to store resources in there respective rooms without tapping on them. This leave more for invader to take when they come knocking at the front gate. Training seems to be the biggest help as they can go up level while your sleeping or away for awhile.

Cute Labrador

A cute Labrador dog that walks around the castle aimlessly looking for something to do. This dog is just for looks and won’t help around the castle beside fill up space, mystery solved.

Cute Beagle

A cute beagle dog that will keep dwellers company as they tend to their castle duties. This pet wont do anything special accept walk around looking for something to do.

Fluffy Cat

A fluffy cat that roams the castle walls purring as it goes. This cat is just for looks and wont do anything special, not even chase off a mouse that will attack rooms from time to time.

For more related info check out the Hustle Castle Wiki.

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