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A Hustle Castle: Medieval Life Wiki with Tips, Guides, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Hustle Castle: Medieval Life is similar to Fallout Shelter and is a Strategy with RPG elements developed by it’s available for both Android and iOS though it know by a different name on  Android called Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom.

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Hustle Castle: Medieval Life Wiki


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Five Star Potential – You can make your own Five Star ranked dwellers in the Living Rooms if you didn’t want to use real money to do so. This can be achieved by breeding to lower stars to get better quality. You start the game with 3’s and can then produce 4’s out of them. Then make 5’s out of the 4’s. It is best practice to always use your highest potential dwellers so the odds of getting good results are better.

Saving Resources – When your away from your castle other players can attempt to steal your resources if they can get past your defenses. One way to hold onto more goods is to keep them in the production building since stolen items are only from the collected pool. This can backfire though if your not careful as you may reach your limit and not be able to produce anymore. The amount saved after awhile wont be even close to whats needed to upgrade a higher level room later in the game, but every little can count when getting raided continually.

Trap – You can set others players up for a trap so you can earn more PvP points passively. This can be risky at certain levels, but if your gear is high enough you can pull it off though it can take time to get results. What you do is put a tank in the best gear you can find, then you have mages with the resurrect spell so the tank wont stay dead. You’ll need 2 or more caster if you want good results. If you put lesser gear on the mages than your power number will be low. This will lead in people who think you’ll be an easy kill, but then find out that you can be killed due to constant resurrection. This may not always work but can be a great way to get mote PvP points


Below are links to information that can help you get past certain difficult barriers that are designed to keep your castle growing. For the most part things are pretty straight forward when it comes to advancing in the game. Keep your castle growing and everything will move ahead slowly. If you getting taken out too much when it comes to protecting your resources or in the Arena this means that you’ll have to get better gear. It can be hard to stay up with the highest ranked gear for your level especially when it comes to getting legendary quality. Then when you add in that some players spend lots of cash on this app higher ranked players are just going to be impossible to beat.

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