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The Hustle Castle Magic Workshop is a place you can craft spells that are used in battle. The Magic Lab is where you raise the levels of those spells to increase there strength. Mana is the only resource used to craft them which comes from the Mana Well. At first you’ll only be able to have 2 spells, but when your fully upgraded bringing 6 with you into battle will be possible.


Magic Orb

The Magic Orb is the first spell you’ll get and you might use it a lot. It will deal magical damage to a random foe on the battle field which can make it sort of a gamble when casting. This spell can be good for taking down enemies and bosses that have immunity to physical attacks like in Hot Ashes and other stages.

Lion’s Spirit

Will increase the damage done by your whole party for a short time period. This seems to be the best spell according to others. As you level this up it will increase more damage and last longer making it a truly effective spell. You can combine this with other spell to raise the damage output even more.

Cliff’s Totem

Cliff’s Totem will reduce incoming damage for the whole party. When it comes to stats this spell is just behind Lion’s Spirit making it less valuable and since it’s a higher tier it makes it even more less valuable. Would be good for fight where your taking a lot of damage, but the enemy has poor defense.

Healing Ray

Healing Ray is the first of the healing spells that will restore the HP of a random teammate on the battle field. Since the spell is random it can have a hard time getting to the person who needs it most unless only one person is taking damage.

Summon Ally

Summon Ally will bring an angry orc to the field that will fight by your side. Having an extra teammate can be good for soaking up damage. Others spells like Lion’s Spirit can help you deal more damage.

Icy Trap

Icy Trap will hit all enemies and stun them. This can have a big effect when there are lots of enemies. Doesn’t work the best until upgrades a few times where foes will be stunned for much longer.


The Fireball will replace the Magic Orb since it can hit a group of enemies compared to just one. Very useful when it comes to taking down groups and even better when paired with Lion’s Spirit.

Healing Glade

The next big healing spell is Healing Glade which will restore the HP of all party members over a short period of time. By the time you unlock this spell the health restored might not be even close to the incoming damage occurring. It will do a much better job after being leveled up a few times in the Magic Lab.

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